Emergency Notifications in Zoom

Algo IP Endpoints offer highly noticeable solutions for Zoom mass notifications. Using a combination of loud speakers and highly visible LED lights, Algo endpoints enable organizations to bring effective audible and visual notifications throughout entire schools, colleges, and universities, as well as various healthcare facilities, offices, and manufacturing plants. Algo IP Speakers deliver loud, distinctive alerts, while Algo IP Visual Alerters offer additional alerting when instant awareness of emergency events is critical. 


Deploying Algo Endpoints for Emergency Notification in Zoom

Achieve Very Loud Emergency Alerts with Algo IP Speakers 

Bring Incredibly Bright Notifications with IP Visual Alerters 

Algo 8138 Strobe Lights

Building a Zoom Mass Notification System with Algo IP Endpoints

Integrating Audible and visual notification tools in Zoom

Multicasting for Emergency Alerting

Accessories to Amplify Zoom Emergency Notification Systems

  • Via SIP  
  • Via Button  

Integrating Zoom-certified Algo IP Endpoints with other Mass Notification Systems