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8180 IP Audio Alerter

8180 IP Audio Alerter

Wideband IP Speaker for Voice Paging, Emergency Alerting & Loud Ringing – PoE

The PoE 8180 SIP Audio Alerter is a wall mount IP speaker for voice paging, emergency alerting and loud ringing applications. The speaker is a fully compliant 3rd party SIP endpoint. As a result, the 8180 IP speaker is compatible with most hosted / cloud and premise-based VoIP telephone systems.

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  • Public address (PA) IP speaker.
  • Secure SIP using TLS and SRTP.
  • Multicast scalable.
  • Wideband HD voice for high intelligibility speech.
  • Dynamic volume control responsive to ambient noise levels.
  • Talkback capable speaker.
  • Customize WAV files for emergency notification / alerting and telephone loud ringing.
  • Configuration via user friendly web interface or auto-provisioning.
  • PoE (IEEE 802.3af).
  • Ideal for a school or college classroom, office, lunch room, kitchen, restaurant, etc.


Wideband IP Speaker

The 8180 SIP Audio Alerter supports the Wideband G.722 HD voice codec. Consequently, there is high intelligibility and clarity of audio from the speaker for IP paging of voice announcements and emergency notification. The result is better STI-PA scores, which is important in meeting standards such as NFPA 72 and NEMA SB-40 for Emergency Communication in Education.


Wideband audio


IP Loud Ringer

The Ring extension on the 8180 is used for loud ringing / night bell applications. The 8180 will play a ring tone WAV file saved in 1GB device memory when this extension is called. Typically the speaker will be configured in a ring group to include a telephone(s). The WAV file will play for the duration of the ring event until the call is answered. Several default ring tones are available in 8180, however, custom WAV files can be uploaded to the device.

Up to 10 Ring extensions are available to register on a single speaker for this purpose, thereby allowing one speaker to act as a loud ringer for several telephones by configuring different ring groups for each registered Ring extension.


Algo 8180 SIP to call or ring


The 8180 is typically eight times louder than a telephone speaker for loud ringing. If the optional 8 ohm analog weatherproof 1186 Horn Speaker is combined with the 8180 speaker then the volume is twenty times louder for loud ringing. Note: The same performance is also achieved using the outdoor rated 8186 SIP Horn Speaker as an all-in-one PoE solution.

Where audible and visual telephone ring alerting is required, the 8180 can be combined with an Algo strobe light using multicast or a relay.

Available outputs on the 8180 include: external speaker (8 ohm), audio output to bridge to an analog amplifier, and a relay input or output for interfacing an accessory (e.g. Algo strobe light or visual alerter). Note: The 8180’s audio output is not isolated and balanced. For an isolated and balanced output to eliminate the possibility of hum / noise use the 8301 SIP Paging Adapter & Scheduler.


Scale Algo IP Paging Speakers with Multicast

The 8180 SIP Audio Alerter supports multicast send or receive. As a result, many Algo IP speakers can be deployed to cover any size building, campus (e.g., classrooms in a school, college or university) or enterprise. There is no limit to the number of devices part of a multicast, and a minimum of network traffic activity is utilized.


Algo 8180 Scale via Multicast


A single registered SIP Audio Alerter can be configured to multicast to any number and mix of Algo IP speakers, strobe lights, paging adapters and multicast supported IP telephones.

Multicast provides cost effective scalability using a minimum of SIP registered endpoints, as only the endpoint designated to send the multicast needs to be registered. Devices configured to receive the multicast do not need registration. Any combination and number of Algo IP endpoints can be configured as a multicast for emergency alerting to cover any size room, building, campus or enterprise.

Support is available for RTP multicast, in addition to Polycom Group Page, Singlewire InformaCast (part no. 8180-IC) and Syn-Apps Revolution.


Using Multicast for Zone Paging

Multicast zone paging for up to 50 zones can be configured from a single 8180 speaker. Zones can be selected one of two ways. One option is to map multicast page zones to individual SIP extensions on the speaker. Fifty (50) page extensions are available for this purpose. Alternatively, in order to minimize SIP registrations, multicast page zones can be configured in the SIP Audio Alerter as a DTMF key press selection using the dial pad of telephone making the page call.

Note: Additional page zones can be configured by registering individual Algo IP speakers for specific room paging (e.g. school classroom). Speakers with SIP registrations can also be configured to be a member / receiver of multicast zones.


Dynamic Volume Control & Talkback

Speaker volume can be configured via the web GUI of the endpoint. However, the 8180 speaker’s microphone can also be used to monitor and adapt speaker volume according to background noise levels. This unique Algo feature is called Ambient Noise Compensation. Where many speakers are deployed in a room / building, volume can self-adjust to the background noise levels at each speaker location. Ambient Noise Compensation helps to ensure that announcements and alerts are heard but never too loud. Talkback is supported in the 8180. This feature can be enabled for a page call using the speaker’s microphone.


Algo 8180 - Ambient Noise Detection & Response


Multi-Application SIP Extensions

Multiple SIP registrations are available in this IP speaker, including Page (50), Emergency Alert (10) and Ring (10) extensions. On Page, the speaker will auto-answer when called for making public address (PA) voice announcements. For Ring and Emergency Alert extensions the speaker will play a configurable WAV file from 1GB device memory when the extension is called (e.g., ring tones for telephone alerting, notification alerts for safety / security / emergency events and informational announcements).


Emergency Notification Alerting

For notification alerting of safety, security and emergency events there are two activation options available:

  • Dial an Emergency Alert extension.
  • Connect a button to the speaker’s relay input.

Up to 10 Emergency Alert extensions are available to register on the 8180 SIP speaker, allowing for different types of alerts to be activated when the extension is called (e.g., lockdown, evacuation, shelter, all clear, etc.). Custom WAV files can be uploaded to 1GB of device memory. A Call to Cancel feature is available to allow the emergency alert to play continuously for as long as desired until cancelled. Alternatively, the WAV file alert can be configured to play for a pre-set duration. The user does not have to remain on the phone when calling the Emergency Alert extension. As soon as the call is made the Algo endpoint will play the WAV file as configured, making emergency alerting simple and efficient from any telephone or device in the UC environment. If the Call to Cancel extension is configured, the same cancelling extension will apply to any of the Emergency Alert extensions registered.

As an alternative option for emergency alerting, any button or accessory providing a contact closure, including the Algo 1202 and Algo 1203 buttons, can be wired to the 8180 relay input using a 24 gauge single twisted pair. Three configuration options are available via speaker’s relay input upon button activation:

  • Play and/or multicast an alert
  • Call a target extension and play a discrete WAV
  • Call a target extension and have a two-way call via the speaker’s microphone

In the diagram below, power for the Algo 1202 and 1203 buttons is provided by the available PoE from the 8180 IP speaker.


Algo 8180 and 1202 - Emergency Notification


Common Applications for Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerters

Together with the Algo 8301 SIP Paging Adapter & Scheduler, a public address (PA) system requiring multiple zones with scheduled bells / announcements can be easily configured and synchronized with IP clocks using the 8180 and other Algo IP speakers.


If desired, the 8301 IP paging adapter can also provide audio to a legacy analog paging system via its line level output, and simultaneously multicast this audio to additional Algo IP endpoints.

To sum up, the 8180 is a self-amplified SIP speaker. Therefore no separate amplifier is required. The endpoint is powered via PoE (IEEE 802.3af). A wall mount bracket is included for easy installation. The product is CSA/UL, FCC and CE certified.


Benefits of the PoE Algo SIP Audio Alerter Speaker

  • Excellent Wideband audio clarity and intelligibility.
  • Network managed and supervised SIP and multicast endpoint.
  • Fully zone configurable via a web interface. Multicast zones are not dependent on wiring to speaker.
  • PoE (IEEE 802.3af) eliminates need for local power supply, and simplifies wiring infrastructure and management.
  • Eliminates narrowband FXS port or ATA.
  • Multi functional IP speaker for voice paging, emergency notification and ring alerting. Easily integrate with the Algo 8301 SIP Paging Adapter & Scheduler for automatically playing tones and/or announcements for scheduled events.


Singlewire Informacast

InformaCast Compliant IP Speaker

Algo InformaCast IP endpoints are fully compliant to register seamlessly with Singlewire InformaCast for emergency notification and public address.

The Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter is also sold as the Algo 8180-IC InformaCast SIP Audio Alerter, a fully InformaCast Compliant endpoint for voice paging, emergency alerting and loud ringing applications. The speaker is also a fully compliant 3rd party SIP endpoint. As a result, the 8180-IC IP speaker is compatible with most hosted / cloud and premise-based VoIP telephone systems.

The 8180-IC together with other InformaCast endpoints are scalable to meet the needs of any size project. Algo IP InformaCast compliant endpoints support multicast send or receive. As a result, many Algo IP endpoint can be deployed to cover any size building, campus, or enterprise.  There is no limit to the number of devices part of a multicast, and a minimum of network traffic activity is utilized.

All features and specifications of the Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter remain in the Algo 8180-IC InformaCast SIP Audio Alerter.


Power SourcePoE (IEEE 802.3af Class 0) 48 V, 15.4 W
Max Power (at Device)12.95 W
Idle Power2.5 W
SIP Extensions50 Page (Capable of hands-free talkback)
10 Emergency Alert
10 Ring
SIP Signalling/Transport ProtocolsUDP, TCP, RTP
SecurityTLS, SRTP, Mutual Authentication
Audio CodecsG.711 u-law, G.711 A-law, G.722 Wideband
RTP MulticastSend and Receive 50 Zones
Audio CodecsG.711 u-law, G.711 A-law, G.722 Wideband, Opus Fullband
Third-Party Compatibility
Poly Group Page™
Singlewire InformaCast® (additional license required)
Intrado Revolution®
Microsoft Teams®
Configuration & Provisioning
Configuration Web interface or provisioning server
Web InterfaceHTTP, HTTPS
ProvisioningTFTP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS
DHCP Options 66, 150, 160
Reboot via SIP ‘check-sync’
SupervisionCompatible with Algo Device Management Platform (ADMP), Algo 8300 IP Controller, any third party SNMP monitoring software, and RTCP
NetworkingIPv4, IPv6, DHCP, VLAN, MDNS
Link Layer LLDP, CDP
SecurityIEEE 802.1X
NATSTUN, TURN, CRLF Keep Alive, SIP Outbound
Address ResolutionDNS, SRV Record
RedundancySecondary and tertiary SIP server
TimeNTP Server (up to four)
SPL 106 dBA at 1 m (120 dBA with 1186 horn)
MicrophoneOmnidirectional – talkback and ambient noise monitoring
Audio Memory & Format1GByte audio storage for WAV or MP3 files
Audio ControlsVolume, AGC, Latency, LF Cut
Anti-Feedback DelayCache to memory and release
Audio DelayProgrammable 1-1000ms synchronization delay (in multicast receiver mode)
Driver3.0" (7.7 cm) UV Stabilized
Driver Response150-13,000 Hz (-10 dB)
Max Audio Power8 W
Audio OutputsSpeaker output 8Ohm 8W when internal speaker disabled Audio Output nominal 0dBm into 600Ohm load
Relay Input*Normally open or normally closed dry contact with supervision. Compatible with Algo 1202 Call Button, 1203 Call Switch, 1204 Volume Control, or EOL resistor termination
Relay Output*Max 30 V 50 mA (normally open)
Speaker OutputTo external 8Ohm speaker. Note that if an external speaker is connected, the internal one is deactivated.
Audio OutputLine output level available for optional connection to external amplifier.

Note: The Relay Input and Relay Output features share the same pins on the terminal block, which must be configured as either an input or output. Thus, only one of these two functions can be used per device (not both).

Relay Input Current Draw Detection ThresholdsActiveIdleTamper
Normally Open> 4 mA < 4 mA N/A
Normally Open with Supervision > 20 mA 4 - 20 mA < 4 mA
Normally Closed < 4 mA > 4 mA N/A
Normally Closed with Supervision 4 - 20 mA > 20 mA < 4 mA
Nominal 12 V source, current limited to 40 mA
Typical supervision resistor value = 1 kOhm
Environmental & Mechanical
Environmental0 to + 40 °C (32 to 104 °F); 10-95% RHnon-condensing. Dry indoor locations only.
Dimensions (Product)7″ x 4″ x 2.6″ (17.8cm x 10.2cm x 6.5cm)
Weight (Product)1.0 lbs (0.5 kg)
Weight (Shipping)1.6 lbs (0.7 kg)
MountingWall mount snap bracket included
RoHS, CE, FCC Class A, CISPR 22 Class A, CISPR 24, CSA/UL (USA & Canada), EN60950


  • IP loud ringing / ringer or night bell to avoid missed calls in noisy locations or where employees are wearing hearing protection (e.g., machine shop, garage, kitchen, retail store, night club, restaurant, etc.). For higher noise or outdoor applications (e.g. manufacturing plant, utility, warehouse, car lot, yard, farm, etc.) combine the 8180 with the analog weatherproof 1186 Horn Speaker (8 ohm) or alternatively use the outdoor rated 8186 SIP Horn Speaker.
  • IP paging in a classroom, office, retail store, lunch or break room, etc.
  • Multicast public address (PA) announcements to many speakers for emergency (e.g., lockdown, evacuation, reverse evacuation, medical emergency, safety alert, etc.) and non-emergency applications.
  • OSHA or workplace safety compliance.
  • Schedule announcements/tones to play automatically with the Algo 8301 scheduler. The 8301 will multicast audio to any model of Algo IP speaker and paging adapter. For example, school (i.e., class changes, recess, playing an anthem, etc.), retail and healthcare announcements (i.e., store closing, visiting hours, etc.), and workplace shift changes, breaks, etc.
  • Combine with all variety of Algo visual and audible IP endpoints to create more comprehensive public address (PA) and notification alerting solutions.

Compatible Accessories





Please follow the appropriate link below to obtain the firmware download for your 8180 speaker.

Note: there are two hardware releases for this speaker. Choose the specific firmware download for the hardware release you own.