2507 Ring Detector

Algo Ring Detector – Enabling IP Notification without a SIP Registration

Enable Loud Ringing, Notification & Visual Alerting without a SIP Registration – The 2507 Ring Detector is designed to enable loud ringing, notification, and visual alerting directly from a compatible IP phone. The Ring Detector can detect when the phone is ringing and activate an Algo device with a smart relay input, such as a speaker or strobe light.

Once the 2507 Ring Detector has activated one Algo IP device, the IP device may activate Algo devices via an available relay or it may simultaneously multicast to other Algo IP endpoints on the network creating a scalable notification system directly from a single IP phone.

The advantage of the 2507 is no additional seat registration on the cloud / hosted telephone system is required for the ring detector and the Algo IP endpoint, thereby avoiding a recurring monthly cost.

With an Algo IP speaker such as the 8180 SIP Audio Alerter or outdoor rated 8186 SIP Horn Speaker, loud ringing in noisy or outdoor locations will avoid missed telephone calls. In very high noise or noise-sensitive environments, the 8128 SIP Strobe Light can be used with the 2507 Ring Detector.


Ideal For Microsoft Teams Environments 

As MS Teams is one of the few platforms that does not natively support SIP without additional equipment many organizations deploying MS Teams may run into unexpected challenges when looking for loud ringing or visual alerting solutions. Fortunately, organizations deploying IP phones with suitable headset jacks may take advantage of the Algo 2507 Ring Detector in conjunction with an Algo speaker or strobe light to improve notification without needing a SIP registration.


For further details, please refer to the 2507 Installation Guide.

Product Resources
Product MSRP: $115.00 US
Power Power is supplied by the host Algo IP Endpoint


Telephone Headset: RJ9 4P4C jack (6′ 2m handset cord included)
Host Algo IP Endpoint: Two position terminal block (20′ 6m UTP cable included)

Polarity independent connection

Maximum Cable Length: Headset cable – 6′ 2m recommended 12′ 4m maximum

Twisted pair connection to IP endpoint – 100′ 30m maximum 24 AWG


Audio Ring Detection

Input impedance: 600 Ohm, balanced and transformer isolated
Detection Sensitivity: 25 mVrms – 500 mVrms (adjustable)
Maximum Input Voltage: 1.0 Vrms
LED: Active blue when ring audio exceeds detection sensitivity

Environmental & Mechanical

Housing: Plastic 94V0 rated
Environmental: 32 to 104 deg F (0 to + 40 degC); 10-95% RH non-condensing. Dry indoor locations only.
Mounting: Optional – single mounting screw provided
Dimensions: 8.5” x 5.5” x 1.5”
Product Weight: 1 lb


Telephones: • Poly (VVX series, CCX series)

• Yealink (T55A, T56A, T58A, MP54, MP56, MP58)


Algo IP Endpoints: Smart Relay Input and FW 4.x or higher

  • 8128 SIP Strobe Light
  • 8138 SIP Multicolored Visual Alerter
  • 8180 SIP Audio Alerter
  • 8186 SIP Horn Speaker
  • 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker
  • 8189 SIP Surface Mount Speaker
  • 8198 IP PoE+ Ceiling Speaker
  • 8196 IP PoE+ Horn Speaker
  • 8301 Paging Adapter & Scheduler