1203 Call Switch

Call Switch LED Button for Emergency Alerting, Notification & Customer Assistance

The Algo 1203 Call Switch is a single gang illuminated LED button for alerting with any Algo IP speaker, IP strobe light or 8301 paging adapter. For any application requiring one-touch programmable announcement or alert notification, the 1203 is designed as a simple and intuitive interface for emergency and non-emergency alerting or for improving customer service.

When configured with a compatible Algo IP endpoint for button press activation, the 1203 initiates one of the following actions:

  • Multicast an alert or announcement.
  • Make a SIP call to a configured extension to play a discreet notification when the call is answered.
  • Make a SIP call to a configured extension and permit hands-free two-way communication (e.g. via the Algo IP speaker microphone).


The 1203 Call Switch is not rated for outdoor use. Feature highlights include:

  • Emergency alerting and customer assistance button.
  • Single gang footprint for concealed placement, if required.
  • Easy to use illuminated button with flash confirmation when activated.
  • Interfaces via relay input to all Algo IP speakers, IP strobe lights, and 8301 paging adapter.
  • Single twisted pair wiring for location almost anywhere (24 gauge).
  • Powered, supervised and web configured via Algo PoE IP endpoint.
  • Complements Algo audible and visual IP endpoints for notification and alerting over any size workplace, campus or enterprise.
  • Product dimensions: 2.8″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″ (7.1cm x 11.4cm x 3.8cm)


The 1203 fits a standard single gang box. Please note important ESD notice in Getting Started Sheet.

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  • Emergency and safety notification in schools, banking, office and other workplace environments.
  • Discrete notification for security assistance at a reception desk.
  • Workplace medical emergency alert.
  • Customer service assistance or help button.
  • Classroom or office intercom via an Algo IP speaker.

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