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1198 Satellite Ceiling Speaker

1198 Satellite Ceiling Speaker

Wideband IP Speaker for Voice Paging, Emergency Alerting & Loud Ringing

For large deployment of IP ceiling speakers in applications such as schools, retail stores, airports and offices the 8198 SIP PoE+ Ceiling Speaker can provide significant savings when combined with one or more 1198 satellite speakers. Satellite speakers are connected to the 8198 in a daisy chain fashion using CAT5/CAT6 standard patch cables. Each 1198 Satellite Speaker attached is detected by the 8198 IP Speaker automatically and can be monitored for connectivity. The number of attached satellite speakers is displayed in the 8198 web GUI and also visible in the 8300 Supervision Controller if deployed.

Identical in appearance and acoustical output to the 8198 IP speaker, the satellite speakers can provide ambient noise response based on the 8198 microphone noise detection and by default automatically adopt the zone and volume settings of the 8198 speaker.

This product is covered under one or more patents, including US Patent No. 11,202,146.

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