Algo IP Speakers for Voice Paging

Algo’s IP Speakers provide highly intelligible audio to deliver effective voice paging and public address (PA) across most environments, from a single room to a large enterprise/campus environment.


Key Features of IP Speakers for Powerful Voice Paging

Algo IP Speakers are SIP-compliant devices that integrate in most leading UC, Collaboration, Mass Notification, and VoIP telephone systems, offering a seamless voice paging solution from most common enterprise communication systems. Powerful, yet simple, Algo IP Speakers effectively scale from a single voice paging speaker to a comprehensive voice paging system. The suite of Algo IP Speakers allows organizations to extend voice paging to all areas of their premise, no matter whether the locations are indoor or outdoor, or commercial or industrial. These are the key features of Algo’s IP Speakers for voice paging:

 ○ Wideband Audio  

Algo IP Speakers offer wideband audio (G.722 voice codec) for voice paging to enhance the clarity and intelligibility of audio messages. Wideband audio allows voice paging from Algo speakers to broadcast a voice page within a frequency range of 50 Hz to 7,000 Hz. Speech intelligibility requires a broad frequency as vowels are more easily detected in the range of 250 to 500 Hz, and consonants are more easily heard in the range of 2,000 to 4,000 Hz. With a broader frequency range, wideband audio ensures pitch, timbre, and tone come out crisper and clearer, allowing audiences to hear intonation in language more effectively.  

Wideband audio

Wideband audio enables audiences to clearly understand messages in a variety of different environments, including a single room, office, classroom, cafeteria, hallway, or across an entire enterprise. It also ensures audio clarity for outdoor locations and noisy or busy environments. Algo IP Speakers elevate the quality of voice paging announcements, making them an essential tool for effective communication and public announcements within organizations.  

Zoning & Multicasting  

For large and spacious environments, multiple speakers may be needed to appropriately distribute sound, so it’s heard throughout an organization. For large deployments, Algo IP Speakers can leverage multicast to scale any size building, campus, or enterprise.  

RTP Multicast allows data or information to be sent simultaneously to numerous IP endpoints through an IP multicast stream. Algo IP Speakers can be preprogrammed to be either a multicast sender or receiver. As senders, Algo speakers can broadcast a multicast message to the network for other Algo speakers or devices to listen to and then proceed to play a corresponding message when applicable to what the speakers have been programmed to listen for. 

Leveraging the multicast functionality, Algo IP Speakers can easily be arranged in zones. Zones make it easy to deliver relevant announcements and notifications to specific areas to which they are applied. 

Embedded Mic for Ambient Noise and Two-Way Talk 

All Algo speakers contain an embedded microphone, enabling two powerful features in a voice paging system: ambient noise detection and two-way talk.

Ambient noise detection is used to ensure the correct volume output is applied based on the background noise of each environment. Algo IP Speakers can detect the ambient noise surrounding the speaker and adjust the volume to ensure messages are delivered effectively. In a loud environment where volume rises, Algo’s speakers may elevate the output to overcome the high ambient noise. In a quiet environment, Algo speakers automatically adjust the volume to be lowered as to not be overpowering. Users have the ability to set volume minimums and maximums as required by the environment. 

Two-way talk is effective for offices and classrooms where communication needs to be established between an operator and the audience. Organizations can use two-way talk to ensure operators are apprised of situations within a particular area and can deliver instructions accordingly. 


Algo IP Speakers are self-amplified, enabling the speakers to operate without an external amplifier.

○ Device Supervision

A key benefit of Algo IP Speakers is supervision. As the devices are network-based, Algo speakers may be supervised for real-time connectivity. There are several ways to supervise Algo IP Speakers, from on-premises supervision tools to cloud-based tools. The 8300 IP Controller allows users to oversee their Algo system locally, enabling them to check the connectivity and status of the Algo speaker.

The Algo Device Management Platform (ADMP) functions similarly; however, it offers a solution for multi-organization device management, allowing users to oversee Algo IP Speakers remotely from any location. Devices can also be monitored via their individual web interface, which also allows users to fully customize their Algo IP Speakers to meet the needs of specific environments. 

○ Satellite Speaker Technology

Algo’s satellite speaker technology was developed as a cost-effective solution to expand IP paging within an environment. The 8198 IP PoE+ Ceiling Speaker & 8196 IP PoE+ Horn Speaker are SIP compliant, multicast-capable, PoE+ network audio devices designed for live voice paging. An innovative method of connecting and supervising multiple satellite speakers reduces required network ports and cable drops while maintaining all of the benefits of IP paging. 

The satellite technology reduces the required network ports and cable drops while allowing the PoE+ speakers to actively monitor the satellite speakers for functionality and connectivity. Each PoE+ speaker and corresponding satellite speaker offers the same quality of sound for effective delivery of voice paging messages. Algo satellite speakers are ideally deployed in large, open environments, including hallways, cafeterias, open common spaces, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. 

○ Flexible Deployment

Ideal configuration differs by deployment. The Algo 8196 and 8198 speakers may be deployed all as homerun IP speakers or in combination with satellite speakers. When deploying satellite speakers for IP Paging, it is important to consider your application and maximum audio output requirements before choosing a configuration. For maximum output, select all IP speakers. For maximum cost savings, deploy three satellite speakers per IP speaker. 

8198 SIP PoE+ Ceiling Speaker

Algo’s 8198 IP PoE+ Ceiling Speaker  &  8196 IP PoE+ Horn Speaker  are SIP-compliant and multicast-capable, PoE+ network audio devices often used for live voice paging. The PoE+ speakers power and monitor satellite speakers and ensure the benefits of Algo IP Speakers are retained. The 8198 can connect up to three 1198 Satellite Speakers, whereby the 8198 powers and supervises the corresponding speakers. The 8196 can also connect up to three 1196 Satellite Speakers, however, the ideal application is back-to-back, powering only a single satellite horn speaker for optimum volume output.  

Deploy PoE Speakers for Voice Paging in Multiple Verticals

Building a Voice Paging System

Voice paging systems made up of Algo IP Speakers can deliver effective and quick communication solutions. However, voice paging systems can further be enhanced with the addition of other devices featured in Algo’s portfolio. A comprehensive and reliable voice paging system, inclusive of IP speakers, paging adapters, and other Algo devices, can offer incredible versatility and customizability to meet specific environment demands or challenges.

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