Algo IP Speakers for Emergency Notification

Algo IP Speakers seamlessly integrate into leading UC, Collaboration, Mass Notification, and VoIP systems, offering flexible, clear, and robust audio solutions for customizable emergency notifications in diverse environments.


Algo IP Speakers For Emergency Notification

Algo IP Speakers are SIP-compliant devices, able to be seamlessly integrated within most leading UC, Collaboration, Mass Notification, and VoIP telephone systems for emergency notification. Algo speakers can easily be added or removed from an established network to provide customizable audio solutions for environments building their emergency notification systems.  

Utilizing Algo IP Speakers, organizations can easily deploy audio alerting for safety, security, and emergency events, delivering critical messages to any mass audience in seconds. Algo’s IP Speakers are flexible endpoints that deliver highly attention-getting audible alerting, ensuring audiences receive real-time alerts and critical information during time-sensitive events. 

Key Features of IP Speakers for Emergency Notification

 ○ Self-amplified and loud   

While traditional speakers rely on external amplifiers, Algo IP Speakers come equipped with built-in amplification capabilities, enabling them to produce robust and clear audio output without the need for additional hardware.

With a selection of speakers able to produce up to 119 dB audio output, Algo IP Speakers are highly effective in delivering critical communication, be it tones, announcements, or any form of alert, during crucial moments. Algo IP Speakers reliably deliver messages and ensures audiences are notified quickly and efficiently.  


Multicasting is a common functionality within Algo IP Speakers and can be effectively used to ensure emergency alerting is delivered throughout a room, building, campus, or enterprise. Any Algo IP Speaker can be registered as a multicast sender or receiver and any combination and number of Algo IP Speakers can be configured to ensure the coverage of an entire area.  

 ○ Supervised IP Speakers   

With options to monitor the health and functionality of Algo IP Speakers, organizations can gain reassurance that their emergency notification system is operating at its full functionality and effectiveness. Algo’s monitoring solutions not only provide peace of mind, but also allows organizations to proactively identify deficiencies or issues instantly, ensuring a swift response to maintain a reliable communication system. Algo’s 8300 IP Controller is an on-site device management tool that tracks the health of registered Algo IP Speakers. The Algo Device Management Platform (ADMP) offers a similar solution, however, enables users to monitor devices virtually from any location. 

Wideband Audio  

Algo speakers feature wideband audio (G.722 voice codec), producing HD voice quality that allows listeners to hear audio messages clearly and succinctly. Wideband audio provides optimal speech intelligibility to ensure emergency notification messages are clearly understood. While wideband audio provides clarity of speech, it also improves enhanced attention-grabbing tones and signals and sound localization, allowing listeners to clearly hear emergency alerts without confusion.  

Wideband audio

Speakers for Emergency Alerting 

When choosing an Algo IP Speaker for an emergency notification system, exploring the solutions that are tailored for specific environments is crucial for ensuring the best fit and best performance. Algo IP Speakers have a range of common features across the portfolio, however each speaker offers unique customizable solutions for particular environments.


8186 IP Horn Speaker: Loud tones and sharp alerts that focus on loud audio output are best delivered through IP Speakers such as the 8186 IP Horn Speaker.

8188 IP Ceiling Speaker: Algo’s 8188 IP Ceiling Speaker or 8189 IP Surface Mount Speaker are designed to deliver greater speech intelligible communication where the focus needs to be given to pre-recorded or live voice emergency notification and messages.

Algo 8190S IP Speaker - Clock - Visual Alerter

8190S IP Speaker – Clock & Visual Alerter: While audible alerting is often sufficient on its own, Algo’s 8190S IP Speaker – Clock & Visual Alerter offers a three-in-one solution, bringing visual alerting to situations where audible alerting may go unheard.  

Integration of Emergency Notification Systems to Algo IP Speakers

 Algo IP Speakers are highly effective for emergency alerting when integrated with UC platforms. However, for very robust emergency notification systems that may include SMS text, multi-SIP, etc., Algo IP Speakers can be used in combination with advanced emergency notification software, such as Singlewire InformaCast, Intrado Revolution, and Layered Solutions to deliver a reliable and effective means of ensuring emergency communication is received by all audiences.