Network Device Locator


Find the IP Address of Algo Endpoints on the Network

Algo IP Speakers, Strobe Lights & Doorphone / Intercom Endpoints

The Network Device Locator installs on a PC and allows users to search the network to find the IP address(es) of one or more connected Algo devices. No installation is required. Simply download and save the file below.


Algo Network Device Locator Program (.exe)

File Size: 7 MB


Note: The Locator uses the standard Multicast DNS port 5353. If the program stops working, however, it is likely that another service is using the same port (e.g. Apple’s Bonjour or TeamViewer). Disabling such service temporarily will solve the problem. Alternatively, a standard IP scanner program (e.g. Advanced IP Scanner) will also find all Algo devices on a network. Algo devices are identified by a MAC address starting with 00:22:ee.