IP-Enable Legacy Paging with MS Teams

Integrating Microsoft Teams into an analog-based paging system is simple and effective with Algo paging adapters. Algo IP Paging Adapters are registered for native compatible with Microsoft Teams. They are easily set up through the MS Teams Admin Center and can be used as multicast senders for voice paging and emergency notification.  


Merge Legacy Infrastructure with Teams 

Paging adapters bring Teams to legacy infrastructure by acting as a bridge between VoIP communication and legacy technology. With page ports that connect directly to legacy amplifiers, Algo paging adapters can receive a Microsoft Teams SIP call and translate it to be broadcasted through analog speakers via the amplifier.  

By connecting Algo paging adapters to existing analog-based paging systems, organizations can leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Teams to deliver voice pages seamlessly. Algo paging adapters act as a bridge between Teams and the analog paging system, enabling the transmission of voice pages from Teams to the connected overhead speakers.   

How to Choose an Algo IP Paging Adapter

Algo has a selection of paging adapters that are natively compatible with Microsoft Teams. Algo paging adapters are flexible and allow for easy scalability within the Teams environment. 

Singled Zoned Amplifier: The 8301 IP Paging Adapter is an IP device providing a dry page output to a traditional amplifier, seamlessly bridging IP to legacy voice paging systems. The 8301 is a common choice for simple migration to a Microsoft Teams environment. Users can broadcast a message through Teams across their entire organization, regardless of the size, with the deployment of one or many 8301 IP Paging Adapters.   

The 8301 is designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and act as a bridge between an IP voice paging system and analog paging infrastructure. By deploying the 8301 IP Paging Adapter within the Teams environment, users are able to send voice pages or broadcast messages over the analog speakers. 

Algo’s paging adapter is an ideal solution for migrating Teams into a legacy environment as it offers user-friendly setup and configuration process.   

Algo 8373 SIP Zone Paging Adapter

Multi-Zoned Amplifier: The Algo 8373 IP Zone Paging Adapter is a zone controlling device providing a dry page output to a traditional zoned amplifier, thereby offering a seamless bridge from IP to legacy paging systems. Where legacy zones need to be retained, the Algo 8373 IP Zone Paging Adapter can easily be integrated into the Teams environment to deliver voice paging and announcements. Legacy zones, which will be called channels herein, can easily be preserved within a Teams environment when the 8373 is deployed. The 8373 is designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and allow users to leverage the platform for voice paging while maintaining their existing channel structure. The 8373 acts as a bridge between Teams and legacy infrastructure, enabling voice paging to be directed to specific channels through their respective amplifiers. 

Algo 8373 IP Zone Paging Adapters are also multicast-capable, allowing further scalability within the Teams environment. A voice page delivered over Teams can therefore be broadcast via multicast to target zones, and where an 8373 applies, to the respective channels. 

Features of Algo Paging Adapters 

While IP endpoints typically offer additional features, such as ambient noise detection and two-way talk, Algo IP Paging Adapters can deliver supplementary functionality to a Teams communication system with legacy infrastructure, such as wideband audio, multicast, and advanced calendaring. 

 ○ Wideband Audio   

Algo IP Paging Adapters support wideband audio, allowing the delivery of high-quality audio through the connected speakers, ensuring any voice page or announcement in a Teams environment is heard with excellent clarity. Algo paging adapters will ensure any voice page, music streaming, or other audio played through the speakers in a Teams environment will have improved sound quality. Since most analog amplifiers have no bandwidth, speech-intelligible audio can be relayed through legacy speakers. Paging adapters can deliver wideband audio output to all compatible amplifiers. 

By leveraging wideband audio of Algo IP Paging Adapters in a Teams environments, organizations can ensure their pages are delivered effectively to any organizations, such as schools, offices, hospitals, or manufacturing facilities. 


Multicasting in a Teams environment, when combined with the deployment of Algo paging adapters, offers a straightforward solution to reach all corners of a building or environment. By utilizing multiple paging adapters, a voice page can effectively reach widespread across any Teams environment, whether a small school, or large factory. 

As a cost-effective solution, users can migrate to a Teams system and still be able to retain their core overhead voice paging system while deploying as few or as many Algo IP Paging Adapters according to their design. Algo’s paging adapters are often used as multicast senders, but can also act as multicast receivers, ensuring an even broader reach within the Teams ecosystem. A user can easily send a voice page over Teams to one or many paging adapters or other IP devices based on zones within the environment. A Teams environment can accommodate up to 50 zones, allowing for easy expansion and adaptation to different areas or sections within an organization. 

 ○ Scheduling    

Algo’s 8301 IP Paging Adapter is equipped with advanced calendaring functionality, enabling organizations to easily schedule their Teams communication for any day, month, and even year. The calendaring feature provides enhanced flexibility, allowing organizations to customize their Teams communication system. With 1GB of space provided, users can upload any prerecorded messages and announcements as a WAV file.  

Future Migration to Full IP 

Bringing Algo IP Paging Adapters to a legacy voice paging environment is often the first step in transitioning an analog system to full-IP. Organizations can transition their voice paging system from analog to full IP within Teams at a pace that suits them, bringing in as many or as few Algo IP Endpoints at a time. Many organizations may choose to make this investment to make full use of the expansive feature set Algo IP Endpoints can deliver. 

IP-Based Paging 

For IP-based systems that already have Algo-integrated devices, such as Algo IP Speakers, or for organizations looking to build a pure-IP system, enabling Teams compatibility for voice paging can be done seamlessly without effort. Click here to explore IP-Based Voice Paging Systems within Teams.