Algo IP Paging Adapters for Microsoft Teams

Algo IP Paging Adapters are natively compatible with Microsoft Teams and can be registered directly in the Teams SIP Gateway. Algo paging adapters offer a seamless solution to integrate legacy voice paging infrastructure into a Microsoft Teams environment.


Certified Microsoft Teams IP Paging Adapters

Algo offers two types of paging adapters, both offering core functionality to bridge Teams to legacy environments. The type of paging adapter required for an environment depends on the type of amplifier used in the analog paging system. Algo paging adapters can both SIP register into the Teams gateway as well as be hardwired into legacy amplifiers, forming a bridge between legacy infrastructure and the Microsoft Teams system. 

Algo 8301 paging adapter

8301 IP Paging Adapter. The 8301 IP Paging Adapter is a PoE, SIP endpoint that integrates existing traditional paging infrastructure into a VoIP environment. In a Microsoft Teams environment, the 8301 SIP registers to the Teams platform via the SIP Gateway and emulates a page port similar to what is found on a legacy PBX to connect directly to an analog amplifier.  

The most direct use case of the 8301 is as a bridge between IP to traditional amplifiers, bringing a Teams system to traditional voice paging infrastructure. However, the 8301 is also often used as a multicast sender, whereby the 8301 broadcasts live or pre-recorded announcements to other Algo IP endpoints grouped into zones.  

For critical voice paging, the 8301 ensures Microsoft Teams systems deliver effective and clear announcements throughout traditional infrastructure. As Microsoft Teams operates with wideband audio, speech intelligibility can be delivered via the 8301 to analog amplifiers to ensure clear voice paging is heard across traditional overhead paging systems. In addition, the 8301 can aid organizations schedule bells, tones, and announcements in Teams environments. 


Algo 8373 SIP Zone Paging Adapter

8373 IP Zone Paging Adapter. The 8373 IP Zone Paging Adapter is a PoE endpoint that is specifically designed to work with zoned amplifiers. The 8373 provides zone control in a Teams environment to existing legacy infrastructure. Containing a dry page output that connects a traditional zone amplifier, the 8373 eliminates the need for a legacy zone controller. While the 8373 is commonly deployed to bridge VoIP zone paging to analog systems, it may also be used to add page zones to a single zone system. The 8373 allows legacy zoning to be retained in a Microsoft Teams environment. 

The 8373 IP Zone Paging Adapter consists of three high-powered relays that are used for switching the output signal of a single amplifier for up to three different groups of speakers (I.e., zones / channels). This allows the 8373 to retain the three zones while bringing Microsoft Teams to the voice paging system. Where an amplifier is required to be zoned, the 8373 can switch audio and control for up to three groups of analog speakers without needing a zone controller. 

Zone control relays are activated by either a SIP extension called, a multicast IP address received, or a telephone DTMF keypad input from a Teams-compatible IP phone. For large environments that require over three zones to be retained, multiple 8373 adapters can be used to support as many page zones as required.