Algo’s Natively Compatible Products within Microsoft Teams

Algo IP Endpoints are certified for native compatibility with the Microsoft Teams SIP Gateway, accommodating dozens of different applications, from IP paging to emergency alerting, and hands-free visitor communication. All of this can be accomplished natively within Microsoft Teams. 

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Certified Microsoft Teams IP Endpoints 

Algo has a wide range of IP endpoints that are certified to operate within the SIP Gateway. Algo offers seamless connectivity and functionality to the Teams network and a way for organizations to build their communication systems with a variety of IP devices. Algo devices function harmoniously together and can provide an easy means to customize environments from offices and educational facilities to healthcare and manufacturing enterprises.  

IP Speakers

Algo IP Speakers deliver high-performance audio output and extend the communication capabilities of a Teams environment. Algo speakers are wideband and multicast-capable, offering a host of features to enhance Teams-based voice paging, emergency alerting, loud ringing, and background music. Additional features include ambient noise detection, secure SIP, and two-way talkback. All Algo IP Speakers are Teams-compatible and make IP paging powerful and simple. 

IP Paging Adapters   

Algo IP Paging Adapters can seamlessly bridge Microsoft Teams to legacy paging systems. Algo paging adapters emulate a page port, like what is found on a legacy PBX or key system. Algo’s adapters connect directly to traditional analog amplifiers, offering a simple and easy interface to a Teams system as a SIP extension and multicast endpoint.  

With a built-in scheduler, paging adapters enable Teams environments to automate WAV file tones, bells, or announcements.  

IP Displays     

Algo IP Displays bring an enhanced visual element to Microsoft Teams communication systems.  

The combined functionality of the LCD display screen, speaker, and flashing LEDs enable voice paging, visual or audible alerting, and informational visual content, such as scrolling text messages, visual paging, or graphic images within a Microsoft Teams environment. 

IP Visual Alerters    

Algo IP Visual Alerters deliver highly notable visual alerting and can be deployed in Microsoft Teams environments for telephone ring detection, safety awareness, security, and emergency notification in noisy environments. Equipped with high-intensity, long-life LEDs, Algo’s visual alerters easily capture the attention of audiences and can be used to complement a Teams voice paging system. Mounted on a wall or ceiling, and whether steady state on or flashing, the bright LEDs are visible from any direction. Algo provides single-color and multi-color solutions, enabling users to fully customize their environment. 

IP Intercoms     

Algo IP Intercoms provide secure door entry and hands-free visitor communication for organizations using Microsoft Teams. Algo intercoms provide organizations using Teams with door unlock control, activated by a telephone key press from a Teams-compatible calling or answering device.