Emergency Notifications in MS Teams

Algo IP Endpoints offer highly noticeable solutions for emergency notification and alerting using a combination of loud speakers and highly visible LED lights. Algo endpoints natively integrate into the Microsoft Teams SIP Gateway, enabling organizations to deploy an effective emergency communication system.

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Algo’s Solutions for Emergency Notification

Algo IP Speakers are designed to deliver loud, distinctive alerts, while Algo IP Visual Alerters offer additional alerting in environments with loud background noise or where workers may be wearing hearing protection. Algo’s endpoints for alerting and emergency notification are effective in instantly informing building occupants about critical events. 

Achieve Very Loud Emergency Alerts with IP Speakers 

Algo IP Speakers offer incredible volume output to ensure emergency notifications can effectively be heard in a Teams environment. With solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications, Algo’s range of speakers includes ceiling speakers, wall-mount speakers, and horn speakers – all offering wideband audio capabilities and ambient noise detection.  

When choosing an Algo IP Speaker for an emergency notification system in your Teams environment, exploring the solutions that are tailored for specific verticals is crucial for ensuring the best fit and best performance. Algo IP Speakers have a range of common features across the portfolio, however each speaker offers unique customizable solutions for particular environments. Loud tones and sharp alerts that focus on loud audio output are best delivered through IP Speakers such as the 8180 IP Audio Alerter or the 8186 IP Horn Speaker. Where focus needs to be given for pre-recorded or live voice emergency notification and messages, Algo’s 8188 IP Ceiling Speaker or 8189 IP Surface Mount Speaker are designed to deliver greater speech intelligible communication. 

Bring Incredibly Bright Emergency Notifications with IP Visual Alerters 

In many situations, the use of heavy machinery and heavy-duty ear protection may prevent a worker from hearing an emergency alert, or in some cases, noise sensitivity may be a crucial factor to consider. Algo IP Visual Alerters can bring visual notifications to a Teams environment on their own for silent alerting or they can be used to complement Algo audible alerting devices. 

The 8128 IP Visual Alerter and 8138 IP Color Visual Alerter are Teams-compatible endpoints and offer numerous flash patterns for flexible alerting solutions to suit any Teams environment. As a four-color visual alerter, the 8138 has even more customizability options and can be configured to provide color-code alerts for specific situational events. 

Algo 8138 Strobe Lights

The 8190S IP Speaker – Clock & Visual Alerter, while commonly deployed for education, can be used in a Teams environment to provide both audible and visual alerting, including the benefits of any Algo speaker with the color and flash pattern variations of a multi-color visual alerter. 

Integrating Audible and Visual Notification Tools

Many mass notification systems incorporate the use of both audible and visual alerting devices to ensure crucial messaging is received by audiences in situations where it matters most. Pairing visual alerting with audible alerting in a Teams system allows critical Teams messaging to be delivered to audiences in environments that may either be too noisy, noise sensitive, or include those who may be hard of hearing.  

Algo IP Speakers can be used to broadcast a Teams message that may include important instructions or safety announcements, giving clear instructions to audiences. Algo IP Visual Alerters can enhance a communication system by providing a way to visually attract the attention of the audience and make them aware that an emergency announcement is being played. Visual alerters may also be used as lighting in doorways in a Teams environment, directing people where to go for their safety. 

Multicasting for Emergency Alerting

While every Algo IP Endpoint deployed within an emergency notification environment can be registered within the Teams Admin Center, this is not required. In most environments, only a small number of Algo endpoints will require a SIP registration to Microsoft Teams to meet their emergency notification needs. In some cases, particularly small environments, only a single device needs a license.  

Users can make use of multicast capabilities of their Algo IP Endpoints to amplify their emergency communication systems. By doing so, they can scale their systems to efficiently handle various emergencies. Either an Algo device or a Teams-compatible telephone can be configured as the multicast sender, enabling users to customize their solution for broadcasting emergency notifications. 

The multicasting functionality gives users flexibility and control over their emergency communication systems, ensuring that important alerts and updates can be effectively and swiftly relayed when necessary. Leveraging the functionality of Algo IP Endpoints and Microsoft Teams can create a robust and efficient communication solution for emergencies in environments of all sizes. 

Accessories to Amplify a Teams Emergency Notification System

In a Teams environment, there are two activation options available for Algo IP Endpoints: SIP activation and Button activation. Algo accessories play a crucial role in enhancing the emergency notification system within Teams by seamlessly integrating with Algo IP Endpoints. These accessories facilitate the delivery of emergency notifications, ranging from pre-recorded announcements to alarms. One of the most commonly used accessories is the Algo 1202 Call Button, which, with various sticker customizations, allows for the quick activation of alarms, providing instant alerts to building occupants in case of an emergency. The 1203 Call Switch offers another method of instant communication, characterized by its streamlined design.

Integrating Teams-certified Algo IP Endpoints with other Mass Notification Systems

Algo IP Endpoints are highly effective for emergency alerting when integrated with Microsoft Teams. However, for a more robust emergency notification system that may include SMS text, multi-SIP, etc., Algo IP Endpoints can be used in Microsoft Teams with a combination of advanced emergency notification software, such as Singlewire InformaCast, Intrado Revolution, and Layered Solutions to deliver a reliable and effective means of ensuring emergency communication is received by all audiences.