BT Compatibility

Algo’s selection of IP endpoints is validated for interoperability with BT’s VoIP systems, offering a seamless integration experience for businesses. Algo-certified BT Cloud Voice solutions are 3rd party SIP compliant endpoints for voice paging, loud ringing, and visual alerting.

CONFIGuration notes

Selected IP Speakers and IP Visual Alerters from Algo have been validated for interoperability and compatibility with BT VoIP systems. Algo’s collaboration with BT Cloud Voice introduces a suite of Algo-certified BT solutions, designed to be third-party SIP compliant. These solutions encompass voice paging, loud ringing, and visual alerting. The key features of these products include:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+): Energy-efficient and feature-rich devices.
  • Secure SIP Compliance: Supports TLS and SRTP for enhanced security.
  • Multicast RTP: Streamlines audio distribution for announcements.
  • Remote Network Management: Simplifies device administration and configuration.

Selection of BT-Compatible Algo Devices

Group Paging with BT Cloud Voice

Utilizing Algo devices within the BT Cloud Voice allows instant broadcasting to all phones in a group. This functionality is essential for organizational announcements and emergency alerts, ensuring everyone receives the message simultaneously without the need for individual calls.

Benefits of Deploying Algo IP Paging Devices & BT Cloud Voice

  • Enhanced Communication Efficiency: Broadcast messages organization-wide or to selected groups.
  • Ease of Group Management: Effortlessly create, add, or modify paging groups via the cloud.
  • Full SIP Device Compatibility: Seamless integration with Algo’s paging devices.
  • Flexible Grouping Options: Tailor paging groups to meet specific business needs.

For more information and configuration guides, visit the documentation section below.


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