The deployment of Algo IP endpoints in transportation spaces is part of the core business of the industry. Voice paging, audio/visual alerting, and emergency notification are solutions required for the functionality of services in airports, rail & train stations, bus terminals, ships, and truck leasing.


Large airports have probably the most complex needs for public address and the benefits of IP-based solutions are many.  The same network infrastructure built to accommodate IP-based communication and operational technology can be utilized to build public address and notification solutions including automated announcements.

Examples & Applications

Algo IP endpoints have been deployed in transportation  for public address (voice paging) and audio/visual safety and emergency notification including:

  • Airports
  • Rail / Train Stations
  • Bus Terminals
  • Cargo Handling
  • Ships
  • Truck Leasing

Existing paging infrastructure may be IP-enabled to avoid replacing amplifiers and speakers in good working order. Or existing infrastructure can be upgraded using PoE IP speakers. It is not unusual to see both – some existing infrastructure maintained with the addition of some IP speakers. And in some cases, it may be a phased approach from analog to pure IP.

Among the advantages of IP, speakers are better speech intelligibility, ambient noise response by speaker, supervision for operational performance, and easy remote management. Speaker attributes (volume, zone) are easily changed using an intuitive web interface.

Remote and unsupervised sites such as train stations benefit significantly from the remote management capabilities, talkback features, and available “go to air” supervision.

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