Manufacturing facilities of all sizes deploy Algo’s IP PoE speakers, IP PoE intercoms, and IP PoE strobe lights to improve productivity, security, and employee safety.


As plants modernize network infrastructure to support IP-based communication and improve network topologies. Network Administrators appreciate the ease of configuration of Algo IP endpoints to build and configure public address (voice paging), security intercom, and emergency notification systems using the network.


Manufacturers who have deployed Algo IP endpoints globally span a variety of industries including:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Beverage & Food
  • Building Materials
  • Chemicals, Plastics, & Rubber
  • Forest Products & Paper
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Metals & Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals


Algo endpoints use open standard SIP to integrate with leading cloud and premise-based UC vendors including Avaya, BroadSoft, Cisco, Mitel, Ring Central, and others. Endpoints register seamlessly into these UC environments to facilitate public address, ad hoc or scheduled announcements, emergency notification, and many other convenient embedded features that can address OSHA compliance. 

Multicast support enables certified interoperability with mass notification software solutions including Singlewire InformaCast and Syn-Apps Revolution. Multicast support also allows the IP endpoints to receive and transmit multicast traffic (voice paging packets) between them for scalability and with multicast-capable phones such as Polycom and Yealink.


Many new features are made available to an organization by IP enabling their existing voice paging (public address) systems. The legacy paging system is preserved (amplifier and speakers) and is accessible to the IP network and VoIP platform via the Algo 8301 IP Paging Adapter.

P Speakers do offer advantages over existing analog systems in that they have many embedded features in the firmware onboard the endpoint itself. These features are easily managed via an intuitive web browser and are supervisable for operational assurance..

Algo IP endpoints are multicast-capable to allow Network Administrators the flexibility of building hybrid-based paging solutions.  Legacy speakers (Via Algo 8301 Paging Adapter) and PoE IP speakers can participate in the same paging zones and workflows because Algo endpoints support multicast.

Having this flexibility facilitates a phased migration to an all IP-based solution if desired. Many of Algo’s clients have different strategies to get to their desired states whether that be an IP-enabled paging system, hybrid or pure IP; be assured our solution has the functionality, feature sets, and reliability to address your requirements.

A powerful feature of Algo IP endpoints is the ability to distribute audio by multicast over the network. In the diagram above showing three Algo 8186 IP Horn Speakers, a SIP phone call is made to one speaker which then multicasts the audio simultaneously to the other two. This is very efficient in terms of network traffic and allows scalability of up to thousands of speakers throughout an enterprise.

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