Secure Door Entry in Education

Establish School Door Security with Algo IP Endpoints 

Algo IP Intercoms provide school door security for facilities from K-12 to colleges and universities. With the press of a button on an Algo intercom, visitors can easily establish hands-free two-way talk with office admin or school staff. 


IP Endpoints for Secure Door Entry in Education

Algo has a range of IP Intercoms for school door security, offering schools and campuses a safe tool to monitor the comings and goings of the establishments. Algo IP Intercoms enable education facilities to easily establish hands-free communication with visitors and track those within school grounds. Algo IP Endpoints are 3rd-party, SIP-compliant devices, offering security for any size school or campus. 

Algo intercoms can be deployed at school gates, school doors, or secure rooms within a school, such as a bio lab or admin office. An IP intercom system for schools can function with multiple indoor/outdoor zones and communicate individually with each specific intercom station. With the push of a button, intercoms can initiate a call to the admin staff, making two-way communication simple from any intercom station.

Key Features of Endpoints for Secure Door Entry 

Algo IP Endpoints include many key features to enhance secure door entry within an education environment. Algo intercoms include a durable design and can be deployed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Algo IP Intercoms include a range of features and Admin staff can configure intercoms to include be included in zones for paging, alerting, and bell scheduling.  

○ Two-way Talk

Algo intercoms support wideband audio (G.722 voice codec) for optimum speech clarity and intelligibility, allowing visitors to clearly understand directions from a building’s occupants. Algo intercoms deliver reliable voice communication for school entry or access point communication with visitors. With embedded speakers within Algo intercoms, visitors are able to efficiently communicate with school admin staff and a conversation can be established. 

Algo 8201 Doorphone two-way communication

○ Door Control

Algo IP Intercoms allow door unlock control, activated by the press of a telephone key from a SIP telephone or answering device. 

Wet Weather Rated 

Algo IP Intercoms are NEMA 3R outdoor rated and include conformal coated electronics. With the included mounting kits, Algo intercoms can be deployed in any education environment requiring outdoor installation for secure gate or door entry. 

Algo intercoms also come in vandal-resistant models for extra durability.  

Algo IP Endpoints for School Door Security

Algo makes a variety of intercoms, each providing secure door or gate entry, but in different form factors. 

The Algo 8201 IP PoE Intercom is an IP doorphone that provides hands-free visitor communication at a secure door or gate entrance, access point, and any room within a school or campus environment. The 8201 includes an internal relay for door control. When installed at a door or gate, the 8201 can bring secure door entry via a keypad or door unlock control so admin staff can be alerted of visitors and monitor who they grant access to.

Image of Algo 8201 Intercom with the light on.

The Algo 8028 IP Doorphone (Controller + Intercom) is a PoE two-part IP based intercom system for schools featuring hands-free visitor communication. In an education environment, the 8028 acts the same as the 8201 for providing hands-free communication and door unlock control, however, as a two-part solution, it provides additional security. With a separate controller and intercom station, schools and campuses can safely install the controller inside a locked room for additional security and are provided with extra wiring that can extend up to 1,000 feet (305 meters), enabling organizations to cover a larger area for when gate applications are outside the perimeter of the building.  

Algo 8028 IP Doorphone (Controller + Intercom)

The Algo 8039 IP Video Mullion Intercom is a secure door entry device comprising a wide-angle video intercom and keypad. Intended for installation on an entrance framed in a mullion, the narrow footprint of the 8039 allows it to be mounted on any surface of an education facility for intercom communication at gates, doors, and any other building entry and access points. With keypad capability, teachers and students can be provided with a code for easy and quick entry into buildings and secure areas. With video functionality, admin staff, teachers, and security personnel can easily oversee those coming and going from a school or campus facility.  

8039 IP Video Mullion Intercom

The Algo 8036 IP Multimedia Intercom is a video intercom that combines the functionality of an IP phone, security camera, and interactive kiosk via a touchscreen interface. The 8036 can be deployed as a K-12 intercom system or for colleges to provide campus security and ensure those with access control can enter. The intercom can be deployed for both indoor and outdoor applications where multiple people (teachers and students) require access control to enter a building, room, or lab. Along with video capability, the intercom includes an interactive interface that can display a keypad for secure door entry as well as provide helpful information, promote school events, or communication instructions for visitors to be informed. 

Algo 8036 IP Multimedia Intercom