Distribution, warehousing, and e-commerce facilities deploy Algo’s IP PoE speakers, IP PoE intercoms, and IP PoE strobe lights to improve productivity, security, and employee safety.


Deploy Algo’s IP speakers, intercoms, and strobe lights into your network infrastructure to support IP-based communication and operational technology. IP-based endpoints can provide public address (voice paging), security intercom, and safety or emergency notification.


Under distribution as a category, we include the storage, sorting, and movement of a variety of goods. Customers in this category who have deployed Algo IP endpoints include:

  • Retail Warehousing & Distribution 
  • Mail & Package Sorting
  • Ecommerce Fulfillment
  • Logistics Providers (3PL)


Public address in these facilities is typically both for live voice paging and emergency or safety notification. Network Administrators typically favor an IP solution over analog. For existing facilities, analog systems may be preserved by IP-enabling legacy equipment. Any system can be made compatible with VoIP UC platforms such as Avaya, Broasdsoft, Cisco, Mitel, and many others. Algo IP endpoints are also compatible with mass notification platforms such as Singlewire InformaCast and Syn-apps Revolution.


New facilities typically choose IP PoE speakers for scalability, ease of management, and a preference for having what might well be a critical safety system on a managed data network along with communication and operational technology.

For organizations expanding or renovating a facility, it is common to see existing legacy paging IP enabled in addition to the installation of new IP speakers. These hybrid systems provide seamless integration between new and old and may be the final solution or part of a phased migration to pure IP.  Legacy speakers and PoE IP speakers can participate in the same paging zones and workflows.

A legacy paging system is preserved (amplifier and speakers) using the Algo 8301 IP Paging Adapter.

IP Speakers do offer advantages over existing analog systems in that they have many embedded features in the firmware onboard the endpoint itself. These features are easily managed via an intuitive web browser and are supervisable for operational assurance.

And while the base function is typically voice paging, the speakers are equally suited alerting for safety and emergency notification. Each speaker is capable of initiating an alert using an internally stored WAV file which can be distributed to any number of speakers over the network.

A powerful feature of Algo IP endpoints is the ability to transmit audio by multicast over the network. The diagram above shows three Algo 8186 IP Horn Speakers. A SIP (VoIP) phone call can be made to one speaker which then multicasts the audio simultaneously to the other two. A live voice page or alert is heard over all three speakers simultaneously.

This is very efficient in terms of network traffic and allows scalability of up to thousands of speakers with zoning throughout an enterprise. For more information or assistance with your project please contact us.