Algo Loud Ringers & Strobe Lights

Loud Ringing & Visual Ring Alerting – IP & Analog

Algo loud ringers and strobe lights provide solutions for audible and/or visual alerting for telephone ringing and night bell applications in noisy and noise-sensitive environments. Both IP and analog products are available. The IP endpoints are fully compliant 3rd party SIP endpoints.


Loud Ringing

On any Algo IP speaker or the 8301 IP Paging Adapter the Ring extension is generally used for loud ringing / night bell applications. The endpoint will play a ring tone WAV file saved in device memory when this extension is called. Typically the endpoint will be configured in a ring group to include a telephone(s). The WAV file will play for the duration of the ring event until the call is answered. Several default ring tones are available, however, custom WAV files can be uploaded to the IP device.

Up to 10 Ring extensions are available to SIP register for this purpose, thereby allowing one endpoint to act as a loud ringer for several telephones by configuring different ring groups for each registered Ring extension.

The 8180 SIP Audio Alerter is a popular speaker for loud ringing applications. It is typically eight times louder than a telephone speaker for loud ringing. If the optional 8 ohm analog weatherproof 1186 Horn Speaker is combined with the 8180 speaker then the volume is twenty times louder for loud ringing. The same performance is also achieved using the outdoor rated 8186 SIP Horn Speaker as an all-in-one PoE solution.

Where audible and visual telephone ring alerting is required, the IP speaker or paging adapter can be combined with an Algo strobe light using multicast (if an IP endpoint) or a relay. An Algo IP strobe light can also be SIP registered, similar to an Algo IP speaker, for visual ring alerting in noise-sensitive environments where audible alerting is not suitable.

For analog telephone loud ringing and/or visual alerting, the 1128 Analog Strobe Light is recommended.

Common Application Use Cases

  • Loud ringing / ringer to avoid missed calls in noisy locations or expansive areas (e.g., warehouse, machine shop, garage, kitchen, retail store, night club, restaurant, after hours workplace night bell, etc.).
  • High ambient noise locations where employees are wearing hearing protection or outdoor applications (e.g. manufacturing plant / factory, utility, car lot, yard, farm, etc.).
  • Noise sensitive environments where telephone ringing is not suitable and visual ring alerting is required (e.g., maternity ward of a hospital, court room, studio, library, etc.)