Algo IP Emergency Notification System

IP Speakers, Strobe Lights, 8301 Paging Adapter & Push Buttons

The Algo emergency notification system supports alerting of safety, security and emergency events.


There are two activation options available using any Algo IP speaker, strobe light or the 8301 paging adapter:

  • Dial an Emergency Alert extension on an Algo SIP endpoint registered to a VoIP telephone system.
  • Connect a button or similar switch to an Algo device via a relay input.

As compliant 3rd party SIP endpoints, Algo IP speakers, strobe lights, and the 8301 paging adapter can register up to 10 Emergency Alert extensions. This alerting extension allows for a pre-recorded WAV file announcement and/or tone to be broadcast when the extension is called (e.g., lockdown, evacuation, shelter, all clear, weather or safety event, security alert, etc.). WAV files can be uploaded to 1GB of device memory.

A Call to Cancel feature is available to allow the emergency alert to play continuously for as long as desired until canceled. Alternatively, the WAV file alert can be configured to play for a pre-set duration. The user does not have to remain on the telephone when calling the Emergency Alert extension. As soon as the call is made the Algo endpoint will play the WAV file as configured, making emergency alerting simple and efficient from any telephone or device in the unified communication (UC) environment. Once the Call to Cancel extension is configured, the same canceling extension will apply to any of the Emergency Alert extensions registered.

Algo 1202 Call Button

As an alternative option for emergency alerting, any button or accessory providing a contact closure, including the Algo 1202 and 1203 buttons, can interface to the relay input of an Algo IP speaker, strobe light or 8301 paging adapter. Single twisted pair 24 gauge wiring is used to connect a button. Three configuration options are available via endpoint’s relay input upon activation:

  • Play and/or multicast an alert.
  • Call a target extension and play a discrete WAV.
  • Call a target extension and have a two-way call via the speaker’s microphone.

Power for the Algo 1202 and 1203 buttons is provided by the available PoE from the Algo IP endpoint.

Any combination and number of Algo IP endpoints can be configured as a multicast for emergency alerting to cover any size room, building, campus, or enterprise.

IP Visual Alerting for Enhanced Situational Awareness

The 8190S IP speaker – clock and 8138 multi-color strobe light are four colors LED visual alerting devices. These endpoints offer color options including: amber, blue, green, and red (+ white using RGB).

Together with Algo IP speakers and/or the 8301 paging adapter, visual alerting enhances notification of safety, security, and emergency events. Device configuration allows a visual alert color to be aligned with the broadcast for an alert tone / announcement to enhance situational awareness. For example, Amber – Shelter, Blue – Medical, Green – Evacuate, Red – Lockdown, White – All Clear. The LEDs can be configured to light independently or in combination to meet color choice requirements. In addition, a variety of flash patterns are also available to choose from including three brightness levels to suit the application environment.

Common Application Use Cases

  • K12 and higher education emergency alert notification for lockdown, evacuation, shelter, medical, all clear, etc.
  • Manufacturing factory / plant safety alerting.
  • Workplace medical emergencies such as activation of an AED defibrillator, help / assist button activation at reception desk or in a restroom or human resources (HR) interview room, etc.
  • Security breach of an exterior door in a high asset facility such as a distribution center or warehouse.
  • Weather event notification.