Algo Door & Gate Intercoms / Doorphones

Audio & Video Intercoms for Visitor Communication & Secure Entry

Algo intercom / doorphone products provide hands-free visitor communication at secure entrance doors and gates. The intercoms are outdoor rated, with IP and analog models available. The IP endpoints are fully compliant 3rd party SIP endpoints.


How It Works

  • Visitors press the call button on the intercom / doorphone station to initiate calling to a configured extension such as a security desk or hunt group.
  • Answering the intercom call enables two-way communication with the visitor. Generally speaking, any telephone, device or client on the telephone system can communicate with the doorphone  (e.g., mobile or wireless phone, soft client on a tablet or laptop, desk phone).
  • Alternatively, the intercom can be called directly, where it will auto-answer to permit a two-way voice call via the intercom station.
  • During the intercom call the telephone keypad can be used to enter a door open code (e.g. digit 6, or up to four digits). Once activated the intercom’s access control relay will permit a momentary unlock of the entrance for the visitor to gain access through the door or gate in a secure and efficient manner. 

    Note: Duration of the relay activation is configurable, as is the open code and the extension called from the intercom station.

Secure Door / Gate Access Control

A separate controller is available with selected models. The controller provides the network or telephone connection and the relay for door / gate access control. As the controller is generally located inside the premise, this offers a secure solution in the event there is tampering of the public-facing intercom station. The relay and network / telephone connection are in no way exposed, and unauthorized entry to the building or access to the network is prevented.

The access control relay can connect to any type of industry-standard door strike, gate activation system, or access / security control panel. A normally open or normally closed relay is available from the Algo controller for this purpose. A door strike is not included.

Common Application Use Cases

Mullion Intercom
8039 IP Video Mullion Intercom
  • Visitor communication and access control through secure door / gate entrances (e.g., school, long-term care / assisted living retirement facility, hotel / resort, casino, transport terminal (i.e., airport, bus, rail), delivery entrance, dock, warehouse, man trap, outdoor yard or facility entrance, parking lot, driveway gate, etc.).
  • Intercom for emergency (e.g., elevator) and non-emergency access points (e.g., student dorm, hospital ward, day care, conference room, recreation area, office suite, data center, lab, etc.).
  • Office or room intercom (e.g, medical examination or patient room, interview room, etc.).