Central Provisioning of Algo SIP Endpoints

Algo SIP endpoints support central provisioning. Configuration tips and guides are available below for reference.

Where it is necessary to manage and configure a large number of devices, central provisioning eliminates the need to log into each endpoint web interface. As a result, central provisioning can save time and ensure consistent configuration setups. Provisioning is also a method by which to pre-configure units prior to installation on the final network.

The concept is simple. Configuration files can be placed on a central server. Algo endpoints can then be pointed to fetch these configuration files. Such files can be easily made by downloading a backup of the settings currently on a device.

To provision an Algo endpoint, three steps are necessary:

  • Provide the Algo endpoint device with the address of the provisioning server.
  • Create the desired configuration files, and place these on the provisioning server.
  • Reboot the device.

These steps are described in more detail in the Provisioning Guide.


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