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Technical Questions

How much coverage can I expect out of my IP speaker?

Please consult our IP Speaker Spacing & Coverage Guideline for more details.

Note: The information contained is intended to be a guideline. Actual coverage may vary depending on the acoustic characteristics of the physical environment. For more accurate coverage and placement of speakers, please consult a professional acoustician or contact Algo.

How to deploy multiple IP speakers to cover a larger area? Is it possible to create zones?

Using an RTP multicast, any number and combination of Algo speakers can activate simultaneously to broadcast a voice page announcement. There is no limit to the number and combination of endpoints configured a multicast. The Algo paging system can be easily scaled to cover any size room, building, campus or enterprise environment. All Algo IP speakers, paging adapters and strobe lights can be configured for multicast, where the device is designated as a Sender or Receiver. Generally, only the endpoint designated as the Sender is registered to the telephone system. Receivers do not require SIP registration, unless they will also be used for talkback.

Through RTP multicast, 50 zones are supported.

Can I page Algo speakers and IP phones at the same time?

The easiest and most flexible way to do so is through multicast. Most Poly and Yealink phones support multicast, among others.

Can I deploy Algo IP Endpoints on my Teams phone system?

At the present time, our Algo IP endpoints do not support native Teams registration. Algo endpoints rely on the SIP protocol to register to hosted or premise-based phone systems and establish sessions. Unfortunately, Teams does not support SIP, thus the limitation.

This will likely change in the future when Microsoft its SIP gateway. Until that happens, an SBC (Session Border Controller) will be required to configure SIP endpoints on a Teams environment. The SBC would allow our device to register via SIP and then act as a gateway to the Teams server (also known as Teams Direct Routing). Many manufacturers are providing this type of equipment, such as AudioCodes and Ribbon.


Where can I find the user guide for my endpoint?

Please consult Algo’s User Guide Index.

Where can I find the latest firmware for my firmware endpoint?

Please review the product list on Algo’s Firmware Downloads page.

Where can I find more resources and integration notes to compatible VoIP Phone Systems / UC Platforms?

Please check our Resources page.

Is there a list of amplifiers known to be compatible with the 8301 SIP Paging Adapted & Scheduler?

Please check the Paging Adapter Integration Guide for instructions.

What is the difference between 8301 and 8373?

Both paging adapters are designed to bridge to a traditional amplifier via a line input. The 8301 is generally used where the amplifier is a single zone, however, it can pass DTMF if there is a zone controller involved that allows zone selection via the telephone keypad. The 8373 would only be recommended where there is a need to zone out a single amplifier.

Click here to learn more.

Which devices support TLS and SRTP for encrypted signalling and voice?

The majority of Algo’s endpoints support TLS and SRTP.

The following endpoints do no support TLS or SRTP: 8180 G1, 8028 G1 8128 G1, and 8061.

The 8036 and 8039 currently support TLS, but not SRTP.

How do I know if my device is a G1 or a G2?

G2 is explicitly mentioned on the label on the device or Control panel, while G1 is not.

My device is getting its default IP address ( and not DHCP IP. What can I do?

Algo IP endpoints are set to get the IP from the DHCP server by default. If it’s getting the default IP, there’s something going wrong with the DHCP offer or LLDP. Connect the Algo endpoint to a PoE injector or isolated switch to access it on its default IP of In Advanced Settings -> Network tab, it is possible to set its IP and VLAN tag statically.

Alternatively, contact the Algo support team and provide a packet capture showing the DHCP request and offer, as well as LLDP. With this, we can troubleshoot the source of the problem.


My device shows registered but cannot connect call?

This happens when the SIP connection between device and server becomes stale. We recommend setting the “Keep-alive method” as “Double CRLF” and set “30” as the interval (Advanced Settings -> Advanced SIP tab). If you are still having issues please contact Algo support.

General Questions

What product warranty is included with Algo products?

Algo products are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from date of purchase, not to exceed 18 months from date of manufacture.

In the unlikely event your Algo product should develop a problem, please contact Algo Technical Support first. Our team may be able to help resolve the problem over the phone, thus saving the expense and time involved with a return. In the event of a return, Algo Technical Support will issue a Ticket where shipping to Algo is at customer expense. In-warranty product requiring repair will be remedied by replacement or repair at Algo’s sole discretion. Such product will be returned at no charge to customers located in the USA or Canada, shipping at Algo expense.

Check our Warranty & Repair page for more details.

Where can I purchase Algo products?

Algo products are primarily sold through our global network of authorized distributors and resellers. All Algo authorized distributors and resellers have been selected and trained by Algo to offer the highest level of customer service, product knowledge, and ongoing support. Contact us to be connected to an Algo partner

You may also purchase Algo products directly from our website.

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