Deploy IP Paging More Cost Effectively with Algo’s Satellite Speaker Technology

Explore the benefits of the new 8198 and 8196 IP PoE+ Ceiling and Horn Speakers with Algo’s innovative method of connecting and supervising multiple satellite speakers.



The 8198 IP PoE+ Ceiling Speaker & 8196 IP PoE+ Horn Speaker are SIP compliant and multicast-capable PoE+ network audio devices for live voice paging, alerting, announcements, and emergency notification. An innovative method of connecting and supervising multiple satellite speakers reduces required network ports and cable drops while maintaining all of the benefits of IP paging.

Significant Cost Savings

The Algo 8198 and 8196 speakers can provide significant savings when combined with one or more 1198 or 1196 satellite speakers.

For expanded coverage and reduced costs, up to three satellite speakers may be connected to the 8196 or 8198 speakers sharing the 16W of available audio power. Each satellite speaker attached is automatically detected by the 8198 or 8196 IP Speaker and monitored for connectivity.

In typical applications, the 8198 or 8196 is deployed with a single satellite speaker, connected via a standard patch cable. In this application, only one network drop is required reducing installation time, labor costs, and licensing requirements. Each speaker generates 8W of audio power output. When maximum audio output can be traded for maximum cost savings, up to three satellite speakers can be connected to one IP speaker; providing greater cost savings.

The Algo 1198 and 1196 Satellite speakers are identical in performance to the 8198 and 8196 IP Speakers, maintaining all of the benefits and advantages of IP paging; including remote network configuration, endpoint supervision, multicast scalability, and superior audio performance.

Satellite Speakers Features

Reduced Costs

  • Up to 75% fewer network drops
  • Lower cost per speaker
  • Reduced licensing costs

Satellite Speaker Technology

  • Fully supervisable
  • Connect up to three satellite speakers per IP speaker
  • Satellite speakers offer identical performance and appearance to IP speakers

IP Speaker Benefits

  • Remotely manageable
  • PoE or PoE+
  • Wideband audio for highly intelligible speech
  • Ambient noise adaptive


  • User friendly web interface or auto-provisioning
  • Secure SIP using TLS, SRTP, and mutual authentication
  • Supports SIP, Multicast, Polycom Group Page, InformaCast, Revolution, RESTful API

Flexible Deployment

Ideal configuration differs by deployment. The Algo 8196 and 8198 speakers may be deployed all as homerun IP speakers or in combination with satellite speakers. When deploying satellite speakers, it is important to consider your application and maximum audio output requirements before choosing a configuration. For maximum output, select all IP speakers. For maximum cost savings, deploy three satellite speakers per IP speaker.

Click to see how the number of satellite speakers impacts audio output for Ceiling Speakers and Horn Speakers. Two common applications are outlined below: 

When to use all Algo IP Speakers vs Algo Satellite Speakers

ALL IP Speakers

Deployment of all All IP Speakers is the best option when the following features are important:

  • Ability to place SIP call to individual speaker
  • Individual speaker talkback and ambient noise detection
  • Zoning down to individual speaker
  • Maximum power per speaker

IP PLUS satellite speakers

Deployment of Satellite Speakers is the best option when the following features are important:

  • Large coverage areas per zone
  • Reduced network ports and cable drops
  • Maximum audio power per speaker not required
  • Supervision capabilities maintained


Explore the Satellite Speaker Technology Suite. Learn more about the fully supervisable Algo Satellite Speakers.