Delayed Page

Delayed page on Algo devices is a great setting to reduce the chances of interference from howling or other feedback when broadcasting a live announcement or notification.



Delayed Page for IP Paging

Most people are familiar with the typical method of IP paging where you speak into the mic of your phone or headset and the message is broadcast through the IP speakers at the same time as you say the script for the announcement or notification. This form of live voice paging is common practice in many organizations. However, there are some situations where the user may find live paging to be challenging and difficult to execute. To help mitigate any challenges or discomfort from IP voice paging, Algo’s IP speakers have an optional feature known as delayed page.

Algo devices are easily customized in the web interface where many optional features may be activated and configured, such as the delayed page feature. When using the delayed page feature, a person is able to speak their entire message into the phone and hang up before the announcement is broadcast over the PA system. The IP speakers will not play the message while the user is speaking. Instead, the message is able to be stored within the speaker devices before it is automatically played over the IP speakers once the person has hung up the phone.

Delayed page is particularly helpful in environments where speakers are placed very close to a broadcast source, such as a phone, where interference may be caused due to the proximity. When technology is too close, speakers can emit feedback, such as static or howling, which can be a distraction when trying to listen to important IP paging announcements. The delayed page feature is also useful for those who may find it difficult to hear their own voice broadcasted at the same time as they deliver a page. With delayed page enabled, users can avoid some of the operational challenges with live paging and deliver clear, effective voice messages.

Activating Delayed Page in your Algo Speakers

The delayed page feature can be found in the web interface under the Basic Settings tab and the Features sub-tab. To activate this feature, go to Page Mode under the Inbound Page Settings heading. Select Delayed and choose your preferred delayed page play frequency and page timeout.


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