Benefits of Algo IP System

Algo IP endpoints provide solutions for deploying IP paging and public address (PA) systems, in addition to intercom / doorphone endpoints for visitor communication and access control through secure doors, gates, and in-building access points.


Features & Benefits

For IP Paging / Public Address, Emergency Alerting, Bell Scheduling & Entrance Intercom

Web Configuration & Central Provisioning


  • Less time to deploy, provision and troubleshoot devices reduces IT staff resources and outside contractor labor costs.
  • Where legacy analog paging systems can be time-consuming and costly to re-configure page zones, web-based management of IP devices means no re-wiring of speakers.
    Note: Supported protocols include: auto-provisioning (i.e., TFTP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS), TLS & SRTP (secure SIP signalling and media), SIP over TCP, DNS SRV Record, and CDP/LLDP automatic VLAN assignment.

Network supervision

Algo 8300 Controller or any third-party SNMP monitoring software to minimize fault conditions and reduce downtime.

G.722 Wideband Support

Higher intelligibility and greater clarity of voice page announcements. Algo IP speakers meet STI-PA requirements of NEMA SB40 and other regulations for speech intelligibility.


The microphone in any Algo IP speaker can be enabled to monitor and adapt speaker volume according to background noise levels. Where many speakers are deployed in a room / building, volume can self-adjust to the background noise levels at each speaker location. Ambient Noise Compensation helps to ensure announcements and alerts are heard but never too loud.

Multiple SIP Extension Registration Options

Multiple Page, Emergency Alert, and Ring extensions are available to register in Algo IP speakers, IP strobe lights, and the 8301 paging adapter, allowing for multi-functional use of the endpoints for voice paging, loud or visual ringing, and emergency/safety/security notification and alerting.


  1. Using the IP network, simultaneously broadcast to any number of Algo audible / visual endpoints and supported IP telephones.
  2. No limit to scale of solution over LAN/WAN to cover any size room, building or campus.
  3. Minimized SIP licensing to generally only one endpoint, which is configured to Send a multicast. No registration is required for any devices configured to Receive a multicast.
  4. No paging server or PC-based software required. Multicast capability is within the Algo endpoint, thereby resulting in simplified hardware requirements and BOM.
  5. Multicast support for a choice of protocols including RTP, Polycom Group Page, Singlewire InformaCast and Syn-Apps Revolution, allowing for simultaneous broadcast to Algo speakers, paging adapters, strobe lights and supported IP telephones.
  6. Simple web configuration to group any number and combination of endpoints into page zones.
  7. Small to large page zones easily accommodated, allowing for paging to specific speakers (e.g. classroom), if desired.

talkback speakers

A built-in speaker microphone supports talkback during a voice page call. Note: Talkback is not available on a multicast Receiver speaker.

Firmware Upgradable

Easily upgrade an Algo endpoint firmware via the network. A minimal touch appliance that saves time to manage and reduces system operating costs.

Consolidated Single Source Solution

Algo IP speakers, paging adapters, strobe lights and doorphone / intercoms can be deployed in any number as part of one unified communication (UC) system.

Flexible Deployment

Algo endpoints are capable of being deployed individually without extra hardware, allowing for maximum flexibility to stage production of devices over time to meet budgetary requirements.

Improved Workflows, Efficiencies & Safety / Security

Any combination of endpoints can meet day-to-day public address (PA) announcements, notification and emergency communication of safety and security alerts, and visitor communication at entrance doors, gates, and access points.

PoE / poe+

The convenience of integrated power via a network switch. No separate amplifier is required for Algo IP speakers.

Network Wiring

One wiring infrastructure (CAT5/6) for easier system management.

SIP & Regulatory Compliance

Open standard protocol. Algo endpoints are 3rd party SIP compliant and supported on most VoIP / UC platforms (cloud / hosted or premise-based). Algo products are UL/CSA, FCC and CE certified.

Algo 8301 & SIP Registration

The 8301 Paging Adapter and Scheduler is generally used as the multicast Sender in most deployments. It is best practice to secure the endpoint as the multicast Sender in a closet away from traffic areas.

SIP registration options referenced in the Use Cases refer to the following extension types. Multiples of each extension are generally available (refer to product specifications for details):

Page – an auto-answer extension for making a voice announcement / public address (PA). This extension can be enabled for talkback. (50 extensions – these can be mapped to multicast zones or a DTMF selection method can be used for multicast zone paging.)

Emergency Alert – an extension which plays a WAV file when called for safety / security / emergency alerting. The WAV file is a custom pre-recorded announcement / tone uploaded to device memory (1GB). The WAV file will play for a duration configured or the file can play in a continuous loop. For continuous loop, a Call to Cancel extension is registered on the endpoint. Only one cancelling extension is required for any of the Emergency Alert extensions registered. (10 extensions)

Ring – an extension which plays a WAV file ring tone when called. This extension is used for telephone ring alerting (e.g., loud ringing / night bell, visual ring alert). Default ring tones are available in device memory or customer may upload custom files. The WAV file will only play for the duration of the ring event. The Algo endpoint is generally paired with a telephone using a ring group. When the telephone is answered the Algo device will stop activating. (10 extensions)


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