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Explore use cases examples and understand how to deploy Algo IP Endpoints for your environment.

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Algo Use Cases

#1A – Legacy Analog: Paging & Emergency Alerting (SIP Registration)

#1B – Legacy Analog: Multicast Paging (No SIP Registration)


#1C – Legacy Analog: Paging Using a Microphone (No SIP Registration)

#2 – Hybrid (Analog & IP): Paging & Emergency Alerting

#3 – IP: Paging & Emergency Alerting

#4A – Legacy Analog Zone Paging (One Amplifier)

#4B – Legacy Analog Zone Paging (Multiple Amplifiers)

#5A – IP Zone Paging (SIP Extension or DTMF Selection)

#5B – IP Zone Paging (Multicast – No SIP Registration)

#6 – Emergency Alerting: Push Button

#7 – Bell Scheduler & Music

#8A – Ring Alerting: Audible (Loud Ringing / Night Bell)

#8B – Ring Alerting: Visual

#9 – Visitor Communication & Entry: Audio Intercom

#10 – Visitor Communication & Entry: Audio – Video Intercom

#11 – Algo IP Endpoint Supervision

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