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All Algo IP Speakers are equipped with an embedded microphone to allow for ambient noise detection and two-way talkback. These features enable organizations to establish effective communication within their environments.

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Algo’s Embedded Microphone

Algo IP Speakers have a variety of core features that enable them to provide additional services to ensure organizations can get the most from their IP communication systems. One such feature included in every Algo IP Speaker is an embedded microphone. The microphone is used to serve two main purposes. First, it allows for users to establish two-way talkback, which is useful in many environments, such as education and commercial offices. Second, it allows for ambient noise detection, enabling the speaker to adjust the sound output to be appropriate for the level of background noise.

Two-Way Talkback

Not only is it imperative for organizations to be able to communicate messages through PA systems, but in many cases, being able to establish two-way talk can increase the level of understanding, quality of information, and quickness of response in most situations. Two-way talk allows administrative staff to be informed of all situations and enables them to share relevant information.

Some Algo speakers, such as the 8190S IP Speaker – Clock – Visual Alerter, have a button to initiate the two-way talk. The 8190S is often deployed in classroom settings where a teacher can initiate two-way talk through the press of a button and can easily converse with administrative staff. This function is useful for event reminders or emergency incidences. Admin staff can then relay the appropriate information or provide instructions.

Ambient Noise Detection

In a single building, each room can have different levels of sound. In a school, the level of engagement and enthusiasm of students changes per classroom. In a manufacturing facility, the noise level shifts from the office space to the production floor. Many factors impact the sound requirements for emergency alerts, such as the hullaballoo of children or the growl of heavy machinery. The sound in a single room may also change drastically, easily going from complete silence to busy excitement. Being able to accommodate such shifts in sound is important to ensure information is parted over a PA system clearly at the right volume.

Algo’s ambient noise response technology allows for a microphone to pick up the sound of the environment and automatically adjust the speaker’s output level according to the ambient noise. Algo speakers monitor changing ambient noise levels when the environment becomes louder or quieter and automatically adjust the volume levels accordingly. They electronically adjust the level of a page announcement or background music and ensure audibility during periods of intense noise.

Embedded Microphone in Algo IP Speakers

Most paging systems require speakers to be installed in various rooms of a building. With an embedded microphone in each Algo IP speaker, the ambient noise for each specific room can be detected, and the audio output of the speaker is adjusted accordingly. From one office to another, one classroom to another, the audio output of the speaker is influenced only by the background noise surrounding it and changes based on the environment. Two-way talk can also be established per individual speaker as the need arises.

Considerations for two-way talk

While two-way talk is an effective and useful feature in many situations, there are some considerations when wanting to make use of this capability, such as background noise and the location of a speaker. In any environment where two-way talk is implemented, the ambient noise level needs to be quiet enough that a person’s voice can be registered by the speaker. The placement of the speaker also needs to be carefully analyzed so that it is installed close enough for a voice to be picked up within the range of the microphone. The location of a person may also impact the performance as it is easier for the microphone to register a voice from a person standing close to the speaker as opposed to across the room.

In a noisy environment or an environment where a speaker is installed too far from the natural standing distance of a person, the microphone may not be able to register a voice clearly or at all. Manufacturing environments, for example, where speakers are installed high above and where heavy machinery may be in use, are not ideal locations for two-way talk. However, an education environment is a prime example of an ideal setting. A teacher within the typical classroom can calm the students to ensure ambient noise levels are down and can easily stand within the optimal range for the microphone to effectively pick up a voice.


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