Algo IP Speaker Features

Algo IP Speakers are versatile audio devices that serve multiple purposes, including voice paging and public address for general announcements, emergency notification by broadcasting audible alerts during crises, effective loud ringing in noisy environments, and even the provision of background music when not actively engaged in other functions.


Features of IP Speakers

Algo makes a variety of speakers for different applications ranging in size, shape, and functionality. While Algo IP Speakers can be deployed for intended purposes, such as deployment in particular environments, the speakers have a common set of features across the board. Algo IP Speakers include the following features:  

 ○ Wideband Audio  

Algo IP Speakers are wideband-capable, supporting G.722 HD voice codec, designed to deliver clear and crisp audio. Consequently, Algo IP Speakers provide high speech intelligibility, ensuring optimal audio clarity for various applications, including paging, background music, alerting, and emergency notifications. 

Wideband audio

Multicast Capable  

Algo IP Speakers are multicast-capable devices that support both centralized and decentralized deployment models. They can be used as standalone devices or integrated as multicast senders and receivers into larger audio distribution systems. This flexibility allows for scalability and adaptability to different installation requirements. 

○ PoE-powered 

Algo IP Speakers are PoE-powered, providing power and ethernet over a single connection. The PoE connection creates simplicity in deployment as only a single network drop is needed. Different Algo speakers are designed to function optimally on PoE, PoE+ or PoE++, depending on the application and requirements. Regardless of the power requirement, a single cable is all that is required. 

○ Self-amplified 

With built-in amplifiers, Algo IP Speakers do not require an external amplifier to deliver audio. The built-in amplifiers ensure there’s sufficient power to drive the speakers, resulting in loud and intelligible sound output. 

○ Embedded Microphone 

With an embedded microphone included in every Algo IP Speaker, both ambient noise response and two-way talk can easily be achieved. Ambient noise detection allows the speaker to detect background volume and adjust volume accordingly. The two-way talk functionality enables conversations to be established with people standing near the IP Speaker. This is ideal for paging a specific person, office, or location.  

○ Wide Compatibility 

As 3rd-party, SIP-compliant devices, Algo IP Speakers can integrate into most leading UC, Mass Communication, VoIP, and Collaboration systems, offering seamless functionality within existing communication infrastructure and simplifying deployment. Learn more about Algo’s compatibility.

○ Robust Security 

Algo IP Speakers are designed to the latest security protocols, such as HTTP, mTLS, SRTP, and 802.1X.

○ Ease of Use, Management & Supervision 

Algo provides user-friendly management tools to configure and monitor IP Speakers. Devices can be managed individually through a web-based interface or in groups when integrated into the Algo Device Management Platform (ADMP). This simplifies installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance. 

Satellite Speakers 

Algo’s satellite speaker technology presents a cost-effective solution to expand VoIP communication within an environment. The 8198 IP PoE+ Ceiling Speaker and 8196 IP PoE+ Horn Speaker are SIP-compliant, multicast-capable, PoE+ network audio devices designed for live voice paging. Algo satellite technology provides an innovative method of connecting and supervising multiple satellite speakers to reduce the required network ports and cable drops while maintaining all the benefits of IP paging.

8198 SIP PoE+ Ceiling Speaker

Organizations may choose Algo IP Speakers for one or all of their mass communication needs. When deployed for voice paging, Algo IP Speakers can also be deployed for emergency alerting, loud ringing, or background music.  

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