Algo IP Speakers Applications

Algo IP Speakers are versatile audio devices that serve multiple purposes, including voice paging and public address for general announcements, emergency notification by broadcasting audible alerts during crises, effective loud ringing in noisy environments, and even the provision of background music when not actively engaged in other functions.


Deploying Algo Speakers for Different Applications

Algo IP Speakers are powerful, yet versatile audio devices that may be deployed for a variety of applications. The most common uses of Algo IP Speakers include: 

  • Voice Paging & Public Address (PA): Algo IP Speakers effectively deliver both live and pre-recorded messages for general announcements and communication to mass audiences. 
  • Emergency Notification: Algo IP Speakers broadcast audible announcements of emergency messages and tones to provide notification to occupants of a building during an emergency. 
  • Loud Ringing: Algo IP Speakers provide solutions for effective audible alerting in noisy or noise-sensitive environments where a regular telephone ring or night bell may go unnoticed.
  • Background Music: Algo IP Speakers may offer background music when not in use for voice paging, emergency alerting, or loud ringing.

Voice Paging 

Algo IP Speakers are highly effective audible devices designed to produce clear and intelligible speech for voice paging solutions within any industry. Deployed in facilities including healthcare, education, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics, Algo IP Speakers allow users to effectively deliver key information, updates, and announcements for an effective voice paging system. 

IP Paging Speaker for Microsoft Teams

Powerful, yet simple, Algo IP Speakers effectively scale from a single voice paging speaker to a comprehensive voice paging system. The suite of Algo IP Speakers allows organizations to extend voice paging to all areas of their premise, no matter whether the locations are indoor or outdoor, or commercial or industrial. 

Some of the core features of Algo IP Speakers include the following:  

  • Wideband audio (G.722 HD voice codec) functionality enables Algo speakers to broadcast voice paging within a frequency range of 50 Hz to 7,000 Hz. In this range, audiences can pick up patterns in speech and recognize different pitches and tones.  
  • Algo speakers include an embedded microphone which allows for dynamic volume control and two-way talk.  
  • Dynamic volume control, also referred to as ambient noise detection, allows the volume of a speaker to automatically adjust based on the background noise.  
  • With an embedded mic, the two-way talk functionality allows for communication to be established between the audience, who may be standing near to an Algo IP Speaker, and with the user who initiated the voice page. 

Algo speakers bring effective voice paging when integrated and enabled within a VoIP system. Algo IP Speakers allow users to extend their voice paging system and communication capabilities. While IP paging systems may seem complicated, deploying IP paging with Algo IP Speakers is as simple as deploying IP phones.

Emergency Notification  

Algo IP Speakers are compatible with many emergency notification systems. Algo speakers can be utilized in many settings such as schools, hospitals, businesses, and large facilities. When combined with other Algo products or integrated into a broader IP network, Algo speakers can provide comprehensive and effective communication during emergencies. 

Emergency notifications are clearly and effectively delivered to every corner of a building, facility, or enterprise via Algo speakers. Algo IP Speakers use wideband audio for clear audio output to ensure emergency notifications are received and heard effectively from everywhere. This includes classrooms, offices, warehouses, and hospitals. As self-amplified devices, Algo speakers produce incredibly loud and distinguishable volume output.

For additional noticeability, some Algo speakers incorporate visual alerters. The integrated LED flashers, combined with audio alerts, ensure clear, highly noticeable notifications are delivered, even in noisy or visually challenging environments. 

Algo’s speakers can also integrate within existing emergency communication systems and can work with most leading VoIP telephone systems, fire panels, or alarm systems. This enables emergency notifications to be triggered in multiple ways, increasing overall safety and responsiveness. 

Loud Ringing 

Algo IP Speakers are commonly used for loud ringing applications. Whether a noisy warehouse, a large office, or outdoor areas, Algo speakers provide a powerful solution for ensuring that incoming calls or alerts are noticed. Algo IP Speakers are easily configurable and can be programmed to play custom ring tones, or a variety of pre-installed tones, with significant volume. 

In locations such as factories, warehouses, or outdoor work areas where ambient noise is high, or when workers may be wearing hearing protection, regular telephone ringers might not be sufficiently heard. Algo IP Speakers provide loud ringing that cuts through the noise to ensure telephone rings aren’t missed. In large offices or factories, it can be hard for a single ringer to be heard everywhere. Multiple Algo IP Speakers can be installed throughout the area and configured to receive a multicast stream, ensuring the intended audience can hear the ring no matter their location. 

Algo IP Speakers can be set up so that different ring tones or alert sounds are used for different types of calls or alerts. This can help to distinguish between routine calls and more urgent or priority communications. 

Along with loud ringing, visual alerts can also be used. Some Algo IP speakers incorporate flashing lights within their design to help draw attention to the incoming call or alert. Speakers that don’t have this additional infrastructure can be paired with any Algo IP Visual Alerter to create an effective, highly noticeable system. 

Background Music 

Algo IP Speakers can be used to produce background music in offices or waiting rooms. Algo IP Speakers are wideband-capable, using a wide frequency range that enables rich audio to be delivered in most environments.

Being able to reach the lower frequency range allows Algo speakers to produce deeper bass tones, which are often found in ranges below 250 Hz. This allows a richer listening experience for the audience to enjoy music. Adding background music is as simple as connecting to an audio source, such as an mp3 player or phone. This is typically accomplished by connecting an audio source to an Algo 8301 Paging Adapter and then streaming the music via multicast.

Organizations may choose Algo IP Speakers for one or all of their mass communication needs. When deployed for voice paging, Algo IP Speakers can also be deployed for emergency alerting, loud ringing, or background music.  

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