1075-70 Noisy Location Handset for Avaya T7000/M3900/i2000

$70.00 US


The 1075-70 Noisy Location Specialty Handset is for Avaya (heritage Nortel) T7000/M3900/i2000 series telephones. Using original manufacture’s equipment, this specialty handset offers a reliable and effective solution for improving voice transmission in noisy locations. The 1075-70 makes it easier for the remote party to hear what is said.

Algo Noisy Location handsets operate by reducing audio transmit levels, thereby reducing sidetone and the impact of background noise on speech transmission.

Common application environments include:

  • Factory/Plant/Utility
  • Nightclub
  • Financial services (e.g. banking, stock broker)
  • Dispatch


Algo specialty handsets meet stringent electrostatic discharge (ESD) requirements.