Firmware Download For 8410 IP Display Speaker

This page provides the files necessary to upgrade your 8410 to Firmware Version 5.4



  • Improves Microsoft Teams pairing code
  • Adds InformaCast image display support
  • Adds API command to initiate a one-way page call
  • Adds InformaCast SIP configuration support
  • Adds silent microphone monitoring option
  • Improves audio switching with two-way Syn-Apps call


Please select the current firmware version your device is running and follow the instructions in one of the sections below:

Version 5.3 or Higher

Method 1: Upgrade Using URL Link (Internet access required)
Recommended method if your device(s) can access the Internet

Method 2: Upgrade Using Downloaded Files
Alternate method for devices that cannot access the Internet

  • First, download the files from the links below, and save to your local computer.
  • Next, open the web interface, and go to “System > Firmware”. In the Upgrade section, select the .sfw file in the “Signed Firmware File” field. Click Upgrade.
  • Firmware Upgrade (v5.4): algo-8410-5.4f.sfw   (166 MB)
    Note: Upgrade will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.


Past Release Notes

What’s new in Firmware Version 5.3.4:

  • Microsoft Teams SIP Gateway in preview April 2023
  • Add option to set a custom door unlock tone
  • Allow certificate provisioning from a separate server
  • Allow device certificates to be installed via provisioning
  • Improvements since v5.3.2: including provisioning, InformaCast compatibility, and Microsoft Teams SIP Gateway Region.

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