Firmware Download For 8189 SIP Surface Mount Speaker

This page provides the files necessary to upgrade your 8189 to Firmware Version 3.4.4.



  • Add support for the 2507 Ring Detector
  • Add MED-Application Type extension to LLDP and other VLAN improvements
  • Add emergency announcement status to the status tab
  • Allow provisioning of trusted CA certificates
  • Automatic Gain Control improvement
  • Fix CDP VLAN ID parsing
  • Fix notification in web interface during firmware upgrades from URL
  • Fix ring extensions not holding secure passwords
  • Fix SRTP SDP negotiation issues
  • Increase priority of Poly priority and emergency groups
  • InformaCast module improvements
  • Minor bug fixes


Please select the current firmware version your device is running and follow the instructions in one of the sections below.

Note: Only hardware release 8 or higher can use this firmware. For release 7 or lower, use the 8188 firmware. To check the release number, refer to the sticker located on the speaker or on the box. Alternatively, if the speaker is already mounted, log in to the web interface and go to System -> About tab. If the product name is “Algo 8189 SIP Surface Mount Speaker” use the firmware available here, otherwise use the 8188 firmware.

Version 3.3.1 or Higher

Method 1: Upgrade Using URL Link (Internet access required)
Recommended method if your device(s) can access the Internet

  • Open the web interface, go to System > Firmware. Select the ‘From URL Method’. Copy and Paste the URL below and click Upgrade.
  • Firmware Upgrade (v3.4.4):
    Note: Upgrade will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Method 2: Upgrade Using Downloaded Files
Alternate method for devices that cannot access the Internet

  • First, download the files from the links below, and save to your local computer.
  • Next, open the web interface, and go to “System > Firmware”. In the Upgrade section, select the .sfw file in the “Signed Firmware File” field. Click Upgrade.
  • Firmware Upgrade (v3.4.4): algo-8189-3.4.4f.sfw   (106 MB :: 2021-Sep)
    Note: Upgrade will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.


Past Release Notes

None at the moment. See 8188 Firmware.

Firmware Update Notifications
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Firmware Notifications


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