Algo IP Intercoms for Microsoft Teams

Algo IP Intercoms are secure door entry devices that provide a means for organizations to establish two-way, hands-free communication with visitors in a Microsoft Teams environments.



Certified Microsoft Teams IP Intercoms

Algo intercoms are fully compatible with Microsoft Teams and can natively integrate into the SIP Gateway for registration. When registered into the Teams Admin Center, Algo intercoms can be used for secure door entry and establishing two-way visitor communication. 

Algo intercoms offer a unique solution for organizations to monitor and track visitors coming and going from their establishment. With two devices to consider, Algo intercoms are wideband capable and bring effective solutions to visitor communication and secure door entry for any size building or enterprise. 

Note: Only Algo 8028 and 8201 intercoms are natively compatible with the Microsoft Teams SIP Gateway. For integration of Algo video intercoms, an SBC is required. 

Algo 8028 doorphone kit - intercom & controller

The Algo 8028 IP Doorphone is a two-part intercom solution consisting of a Controller and Intercom. In a Teams environment, the 8028 is deployed to easily allow organizations to grant access and monitor visitors who come and go through a secure door or gate. The two-part solution offers organizations a secure network connection, protected door or gate station, secure monitoring of visitors, and extended reach for network access.  

When a visitor presses the button on the intercom, a call is activated through a single pair cable that runs along the distance from the intercom to the controller. The controller provides the network connection between the intercom and Teams and is set up safely within a building to prevent tampering. The wiring can extend an organization’s reach to an outside gate to up to 1,000 feet (305 meters), making this controller and intercom solution ideal for large environments, such as hospitals, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other gated corporations.  

The Algo 8201 IP PoE Intercom provides secure door or gate entrance and two-way communication into an organization or facility. The 8201 can register directly into the SIP Gateway and is used to establish two-way talk with outside visitors. The 8201 provides organizations with an easy way to monitor those who come and go from their facility. However, while the 8201 is simple to deploy and comes as a single device, it does not have the same security control as the 8028.