Secure Door Entry Notification in Zoom

Algo IP Intercoms for Zoom door access easily allow organizations to monitor visitors from the safety of a building. As Zoom-compatible devices, Algo intercoms register into Zoom IP systems and allow visitors to establish hands-free communication with organizations and provides organizations with the ability to easily provide door unlock control where necessary. 

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Deploying Secure Door Entry Endpoints in Zoom  

Key Features of Endpoints for Zoom Door Access 

Two-Way Talk 

Door Control 

Wet Weather Rated 

Algo IP Endpoints for Secure Door Entry for Zoom 

Zoom-Compatible Algo IP Intercoms 

The Algo 8201 IP PoE Intercom is an IP doorphone that provides hands-free visitor communication at a secure door or gate entrance, access point, or any room within a school or campus environment. As a Zoom-compatible device, the 8201 can ensure administrative staff has access and control of door entry and visitor communication. The 8201 includes an internal relay to enable door control. When installed at a door or gate, organizations use the 8201 to enable access control via a keypad or door unlock control system. 

The Algo 8028 IP Doorphone is a PoE two-part intercom system for hands-free visitor communication. In a Zoom environment, the 8028 acts the same as the 8201 for providing hands-free communication and door unlock control, however, as a two-part solution, the 8028 provides additional security. With a separate controller and intercom station, schools and campuses can safely install the controller inside a locked room or building for additional security. The 8028 comes with additional wiring that can extend up to 1,000 feet (305 meters), enabling organizations to cover a larger area for when gate applications are outside the perimeter of the building.