Loud Ringing in Microsoft Teams

Algo IP Speakers provide loud ringing for telephone rings in noisy or noise-sensitive environments. Algo speakers for loud ringing are designed to provide ample volume to ensure the ring of a Microsoft Teams telephone is heard even when ambient noise levels are high.



IP Speakers for Loud Environments

Algo speakers have powerful amplification capabilities, allowing them to produce significantly louder ring tones compared to a standard ringer of a telephone. When deployed strategically throughout the environment, Algo IP Speakers for loud ringing are effective in providing audibility for incoming calls. 

Algo IP Speakers can be deployed for loud ringing in Microsoft Teams environments in two ways: 

  • Via SIP Registration. Algo IP Speakers may directly register into the Microsoft Teams SIP Gateway and may configured to provide a loud ring when the telephone ring activity occurs. 
  • Via a Ring Detector 

  1. Loud Ringing in Teams via SIP Gateway 

Algo IP Speakers may register directly into the Microsoft Teams SIP Gateway and be associated with the user or phone which needs additional ring notification. Algo IP Visual Alerters may also be used for loud ringing in environments where the addition of a visual signal may be paired with loud ringing or used in place of loud ringing for awareness. Algo visual alerters may also register directly into the SIP Gateway. In deployments where Algo speakers and/or visual alerters are used, when the Microsoft account in which the Algo IP Endpoints is registered rings, the Algo speakers or visual alerters will activate simultaneously.    

2. Loud Ringing in Teams via Algo 2507 Ring Detector 

The Algo 2507 Ring Detector is designed to enable loud ringing, notification, and visual alerting directly from a Teams-compatible phone. The Ring Detector can detect when the Teams-compatible phone is ringing and proceed to activate an Algo device with a smart relay input, such as an Algo IP Speaker or Algo IP Visual Alerter. The ring detector may also activate Algo IP Endpoints via multicast on the Teams network, creating a scalable notification system directly from a single Teams-compatible phone.

Algo 2507 Ring Detector
2507 Ring Detector

Key Features of Algo IP Speakers for Loud Ringing

 Self-amplified and loud

Algo IP Speakers are self-amplified, offering very loud and clear audible ringing.  While a Teams phone is sufficient for quiet office environments, in a loud environment, the Teams phone may struggle to penetrate through background noise.  Algo IP Speakers offer powerful communication functionality, especially in environments with high ambient noise levels or large open spaces where traditional telephone ringers may go unnoticed. 


As multicast-capable devices, Algo IP Speakers can scale any size building or enterprise to ensure loud ringing can be scaled across a Teams environment, ensuring a telephone ring is efficiently delivered to the designated audience. From a single ring activity, multiple Algo IP Speakers can be activated via a Teams-compatible phone for loud ringing, providing coverage across wide areas such as a large warehouse. 

Algo Speakers for Loud Ringing in Teams

Any Algo IP Speaker can be used for loud ringing in Microsoft Teams. However, the most common speakers deployed for SIP registration in Teams to provide loud ringing are the 8180 IP Audio Alerter and 8186 IP Horn Speaker. 

8180 IP Audio Alerter – The Algo 8180 is a Teams-compatible, compact, versatile device that packs a punch. The small design allows it to be easily installed in any corner of an office, warehouse, manufacturing, or retail facility. The loud audible tones make it easy to locate. It is approximately eight (8) times louder than a telephone speaker, offering a maximum SPL of 106 dBA (1kHz at 1 m). This attention-grabbing speaker is easily wall-mounted to direct audible notifications to the intended audience. 

8186 IP Horn Speaker – In challenging environments where loud ringing is necessary, such as those with extreme temperatures, wet conditions, or high ambient noise levels, the ideal choice for integration into a Teams environment is the 8186 IP Horn Speaker. With its IP66 wet weather rating, the 8186 can produce an impressive sound output of up to 116 dBA (measured at 1 kHz at a distance of 1 meter), ensuring that its loud audio is hard to miss.