The Two-Part Intercom Solution

The 8028 IP Doorphone comes as a two-part solution that allows for hands-free visitor communication at any secure door or gate entry point. The doorphone includes two main parts: the intercom and the controller. Used together, this system can be set up for layouts that cover up to 1,000 feet.



What is a Two-Part IP Intercom Solution?

Having an IP intercom for your establishment can be a helpful tool for easy hands-free communication and non-physical interactions with visitors. You can easily grant access and monitor those who come and go through a secure gate or door. Security is the primary focus for any intercom device, and with Algo’s 8028 IP Doorphone, an additional layer of security is added with its two-part solution.

Like with most Algo devices, the 8028 IP Doorphone is multicast-capable as well as SIP-compatible. Being a 3rd party compliant device ensures that the 8028 can integrate seamlessly with your VoIP phone system, whether premise-based or cloud-based.

Algo 8028 doorphone kit - intercom & controller

Secure Door and Gate Entry

As a two-part solution, the 8028 provides:

  • Secure network connection
  • Protected door station
  • Secure monitoring of visitors
  • Extended reach for network access

Intercom/Door Station

The intercom door station includes a stainless-steel housing cover, a speaker, microphone, and a button to establish two-way communication. When a visitor presses the button, this door station will activate a call through a single pair cable that runs along the distance from the intercom to the controller. From this cable, the controller is able to provide power to the intercom which enables a red backlit ring of light around the button to indicate to the visitor that the call is live.


The controller provides the network connection between the intercom and the Unified Communications system. The controller is set up inside the premise for safekeeping. Since the network connection is established through the controller, access to the network cannot be achieved from tampering with the public-facing intercom station. This provides an added layer of safety for your network and establishment since data on the network cannot be compromised from the intercom nor can intruders grant themselves entry from the intercom station.

Benefits of a Separate Intercom and Controller

Added Security

Indoor or Outdoor Secure Door Entry: Security is the number one priority for any company. The 8028 allows you to know exactly who is visiting from outside and who you are allowing entry to. This intercom system is also useful to have inside a building to protect secure areas where not everyone has clearance to enter, such as a server room. The single pair wire connecting the door station to the controller can be supervised by the controller and can send a notification should it be disconnected or tampered with. Whether installed at outdoor or indoor points, the Algo 8028 is a great solution for keeping track of and monitoring visitors at any entry point.

Network Security: The 8028 uses the TLS/SRTP security protocol to increase the level of privacy and data security when communicating over the Internet. TLS encrypts the signaling of calls and SRTP secures the data packets. This security protocol ensures that your discussions remain secure and private.

Extended Reach

The two-part intercom and controller system allows for extended reach from network access to door/gate entry. The wiring from the controller to the intercom can extend up to 1,000 feet (305 meters) for gate applications outside the perimeter of the building. This is ideal for applications in large environments, such as campuses, hospitals, manufacturing, warehouses, and other gated corporations or enterprises.


Intercoms can incorporate connections to public address loudspeaker systems, telephones, and other intercom systems. The 8028 can integrate seamlessly into most VoIP environments. A list of known compatible VoIP phone systems that support the registration of Algo devices has been composed and includes both premise-based and cloud-based systems.

8028 and Your VoIP Environment

Algo offers a line of purpose-built IP intercom products, and the 8028 two-part solution offers unique security for door or gate entry points since it allows you to have more control network security and visitor entry. The Algo 8028 is also available with a vandal-proof door station (8028V), rugged and low-profile in appearance, that helps to dissuade vandalism and adds an extra layer of protection of equipment.


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