Feature Overview: Ambient Noise Detection

All Algo IP speakers are equipped with a built in microphone to allow the speaker to automatically detect and respond to ambient noise levels. When deployed, this feature will allow the Algo speaker to adjust its volume according to the environment to ensure it is effectively heard.



Ambient Noise Detection in Algo Speaker Technology

Sound levels are different in every room and the requirements to be heard are constantly shifting. In the case of a school, a classroom and a gymnasium will have different levels of acoustics and background noise. A gymnasium will most likely have more echo, and with excited, screaming children, the noise will be more dramatic, meaning that the sound from a speaker may not pierce through the chaos of noise if the volume is not at the right setting. But a gym is not always full of action. Many events happen in a school gymnasium, a band concert, a basketball game, a science fair. The sound levels for these events change, but the location is the same. Instead of having to change the volume manually to accommodate each event, ambient noise detection is able to process the level of background noise and adjust the speaker volume accordingly to ensure that key messages and communication alerts are delivered clearly.

Ambient Noise for Notifications, Alerts, and Communication

Ambient noise detection is particularly valuable in emergency situations where critical messaging or alerts must reach the audience clearly. Algo IP speakers are equipped with technology to detect ambient noise. These IP speakers are able to adjust the volume levels automatically to respond to the noise level requirements according to the background sound. This ensures that any page, bell tone, or emergency notification or alert is still audible and permeates through background noise. Paired with wideband audio, Algo IP speakers are effective at delivering high intelligible sound quality and clarity for emergency and communication notifications.

Algo speakers monitor changing ambient noise levels when the environment becomes louder or quieter and automatically adjusts the volume levels accordingly. They electronically adjust the level of a page announcement or background music and ensure audibility during periods of high noise.

Ambient Noise Detection and Response

What is Ambient Noise?

Background noise, or ambient noise, refers to all noise present in a given environment, excluding the primary sound that an individual is intended to hear.

Examples of Ambient Noise

Ambient noise includes all background noise present in an environment. If you are standing outside of a busy production facility, when you take a moment to listen and distinguish each sound that makes up everything that can be heard, you capture an entire picture of the environment. Outside, you might hear the hum of busy machinery, the buzz of passing by forklifts, the revving of delivery truck engines, and the chorus of conversation of staff members.

In such an environment, the sound from a speaker needs to account for any change in the background sound and accommodate the needs of the listeners. Algo IP Horn Speakers are great for balancing sound in outdoor environments. These speakers are outdoor-rated and can withstand environmental elements as well as the daily exposure of an industrial environment. Algo Horn Speakers have a rugged and durable design and are ideal to be used outdoors, in manufacturing facilities, or other environments where there may be a large amount of ambient noise.

Configuring Ambient Noise on Web Interface

The ambient noise detection feature may be turned on or off in the web interface. When deactivated, the Algo IP Speaker will deliver the same audio volume regardless of ambient noise, which will be the volume level set in the page/ring volume setting. When the ambient noise detection feature is enabled, the volume level will be adjusted to the acceptable sound in the environment of speaker placement. The user can set the minimally acceptable volume level that the speaker will deliver, and from there the speaker will automatically increase its volume in the environment as needed.

Ambient Noise Response Technology is used in the following Algo IP speakers:


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