Feature Overview: 8301 Scheduler

The calendaring feature on Algo’s 8301 paging adapter was designed to automatically play bells, tones, and announcements in order to simplify and enhance paging in education and manufacturing. Different kinds of paging events can easily be planned, scheduled, and played through the IP scheduler and will automatically adjust to daylight savings time.



Functionality Overview of the 8301 Scheduler

Algo’s 8301 IP paging adapter comes equipped with an embedded calendaring feature that allows the pre-scheduling and automated delivery of tones, bells, and announcements to be played over a speaker system, such as Algo’s satellite speaker technology. With advanced calendaring functionality, organizations can effectively pre-schedule voice messages, announcements, and tones throughout the day with confidence.

For every calendar event, a message may be scheduled to play in a specific zone. This allows for scheduled announcements to be delivered to a part, or all, of an organization depending on its requirements. This feature is particularly applicable in education or manufacturing environments where portions of the buildings (e.g., classrooms or production floors) may need regular bell schedules and announcements, while other areas may not require the ongoing messages.

Algo 8301 paging adapter
Algo calendar feature for scheduling

The announcements and tones for each event are fully customizable and can be uploaded in a WAV or MP3 file format for up to 1 GB of storage space.

The calendaring feature works in network time protocol (NTP) for real time display in the appropriate time zone. NTP also accounts for daylight savings time and will automatically change time, eliminating the need to be physically adjusted for each time change.

Deploying Recurrent Events

Algo’s 8301 calendaring tool supports the deployment of recurrent events. This feature allows you to choose a schedule and select days for when that schedule should occur. Recurrence can be scheduled to be daily, weekly, monthly, or once every so many days or weeks. This event will continue until the end date that is entered. This is particularly useful for organizations planning to schedule ahead for a school year, workweek, or manufacturing shift.

Creating Multiple Calendars

Multiple IP schedules can be created and stored within the Algo calendaring tool. Each schedule is easily named and can be color coded for easy identification and use. This is useful in education applications for when different announcements and bell tones may need to be scheduled for different daily schedules, grades, or classrooms. For example, green could be chosen for an after-school bell for Tuesdays and Thursdays set to go off at 2:45 pm, and blue could be selected for an after-school bell for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays set to go off at 3:10 pm. The scheduler allows for hundreds of events to be scheduled within each calendar.

Time and calendaring with legacy amplifier

Calendaring with Legacy Speakers

  • For buildings with analog speakers, the 8301 can connect to a legacy amplifier through a dry page output, creating a bridge from an IP telephone system to legacy paging technology.
  • The embedded calendaring feature can simultaneously play pre-recorded announcements to a legacy amplifier and/or multicast to other IP endpoints.

Saving and Storing Schedules for Future Use

In the data tab of the calendaring feature, a configuration file can be backed up to save each schedule created. Saved schedules can be reused as needed or duplicated to create similar events and schedules in the future.

Flexible User Management

To allow for effective user access to the calendaring tool while maintaining security of full system control, Algo offers a second user type with restricted access rights that can be configured within the 8301. This second user can be granted a simplified access structure web view that may only allow viewing and configuring the calendaring tool. The second user will not have access to the general configuration structure. With the second user, a secretary, supervisor, or principal can have access to all features of the calendaring function without disruption to other IT features and controls which may be safeguarded by the IT admin.


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