8180 Older Ring Tones

Download 8180 Ring Tones for Release 5 or Older

Ring tone and audio files for the 8180 SIP Audio Alerter release 5 or older (2013 or older) are as follows:

Ring Tone & Audio WAV Files

  • Download 8180 ring tone and audio WAV files.
  • Ring tone and audio files can be uploaded to an 8180 using the web interface: Advanced Settings > Tones. For optimal audio quality, please leave both the Auto Sound Level and Compression (u-law) options UNCHECKED.

Note: Custom audio files can be created and uploaded to the Algo endpoint as a WAV file (8 or 16 kHz, 16 bit or ulaw). Please see Algo user guide for details.

Note: Attributions for ring tones are listed in the "About" section of the 8180 web interface.

8180 SIP Audio Alerter