2501 Modular Cord

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2501 Modular Cord for Loud Ringer Interface to Norstar/BCM Telephones

The 2501 is a modular cord with a handset-type plug for connection on one end and crimped barrels on the other.

Designed specifically to connect the 1825PM Duet Plus auxiliary ringer to the headset jack of a Norstar M7208/M7310/M7324 OR T7208/7316 digital telephone station set for loud ringing applications. Note: The 2501 is included with the 1825PM Duet Plus.

Length: 2m (7ft).

Typical Connection Diagram

2501 Modular Cord for interfacing to 1825 Duet Plus Loud Ringer

Ordering Guide

Description Product Code
Modular Cord incl. with Duet Plus 1825PM

2501 Modular Cord