1075-Series Noisy Location Handsets

Retail Store hears customers better using Algo Noisy Location Handsets

A chain of busy retail stores in the southern USA uses Algo 1075 Noisy Location Handsets to improve telephone communications in four sites with high ambient noise levels. According to the regional market manager for the chain, the handsets have made it easier for their staff to hear and respond to what their customers are saying on the telephone, despite loud background audio.

Loud retail store“Our stores have a lot of audio and video in them and the ambient noise levels can get very high”, says the manager. “We recently installed a number of new Nortel Norstar telephone systems in our stores but found that four of the locations had chronic ‘low caller volume’ issues where staff had difficulties hearing what the callers were saying.” The company spent three months experimenting with a variety of telephones and software solutions to try and resolve the problem before hearing about Algo’s 1075 Noisy Location handsets.

“We tested the Algo handsets in a couple of locations and they worked very well", the manager reports. "We then outfitted the four problem stores with 45 of them.” Since then, the stores have reported a marked improvement in telephone performance. “Our staff can now clearly hear what our customers are saying and, in addition, the customers hear less of the background noise.”

Algo Noisy Location handsets operate by lowering audio transmit levels, thus reducing sidetone (see “A Primer on Sidetone”) and the impact of background noise on speech transmission. This combination allows telephone performance in noisy areas to be improved at both the near-end and far-end of a telephone call.

Algo's Nortel-compatible Noisy Location handsetsare a high-quality, fully-compatible handset replacement solution for Nortel T7000, M3900, and i2000 Digital and Internet telephones. Built from original Nortel models, Algo Noisy Location handsets provide a reliable and effective solution for improving voice transmission in constantly noisy locations


We tested the Algo handsets in a couple of locations and they worked very well. We then outfitted the four problem stores with 45 of them. All of the stores report a marked improvement."

Regional Market Manager
National Retail Chain