1075-Series Noisy Location Handsets

Success Stories

Famous New York Deli Improves Customer Communications Using Algo's Noisy Location Handsets

David Greco, owner of the world-famous Mike's Deli in New York, runs a popular establishment where high ambient noise is a constant. Although a natural part of the shopping experience, Greco realized that the noise was making telephone orders difficult to handle properly.  Read more...

Retail Store hears customers better using Algo Noisy Location Handsets

A chain of busy retail stores in the southern USA uses Algo 1075 Noisy Location Handsets to improve telephone communications in four sites with high ambient noise levels. According to the regional market manager for the chain, the handsets have made it easier for their staff to hear and respond to what their customers are saying on the telephone, despite loud background audio.  Read more...

Nortel-Compatible Noisy Location Handsets