1075 Series Noisy Location Handsets

A Primer on Sidetone

Digital telephones include electronic circuitry that provides an effect called “sidetone”, which allows a caller to be able to hear their own voice through the telephone earpiece. An example of this effect can be heard by blowing into the mouthpiece of a telephone handset and hearing the sound transmitted through the earpiece.

Sidetone is beneficial as it provides audible feedback to the caller that the telephone is working. In loud environments, however, sidetone can become excessive as the handset microphone picks up background noise and transmits it through to the earpiece. Not only does this make it more difficult to hear the remote party, it also makes it unpleasant to use the telephone.

By operating with lowered audio transmit levels, the Algo 1075 Noisy Location Handset reduces the pickup of background noise and, in turn, sidetone. This allows the near-end caller to hear the remote caller more clearly. It also reduces the background noise transmitted to the remote caller making it easier for them to hear what is said.

Nortel-Compatible Noisy Location Handsets