1075 Noisy Location Handset

Avaya Noisy Location Handset

The 1075 Noisy Location Handset is a high-quality, fully-compatible handset replacement solution for the Avaya (heritage Nortel) T7000, M3900, and i2000 series telephones. Using original manufacturer equipment, the handset provide a reliable and effective solution for improving voice transmission in noisy locations (click to listen to audio samples) - making it easier for your remote party to hear what you say.

Algo Noisy Location handsets operate by reducing audio transmit levels, thus reducing sidetone and the impact of background noise on speech transmission.


  • Uses original manufacturer handset for maximum compatibility, quality, and reliability
  • Matches style and audio performance of Avaya telephones
  • Quick and easy installation - simply replace your old handset
  • Fits perfectly into telephone cradle
  • Meets stringent ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) requirements


  • Factories
  • Nightclubs
  • Banks
  • Dispatch

Avaya Noisy Location Handsets

I have ten people behind the counter, the music is on loud, I have screaming and yelling, and we need to be able to talk with our customers on the phone . . . With the Algo handsets our customers don't hear the noise - they hear us and we hear them.”

David Greco, Owner
Mike's Deli
New York, NY