8373 Zone Paging Adapter

Firmware Downloads for the 8373 Zone Paging Adapter

This page provides the files necessary to upgrade your 8373 to Firmware Version 1.7.6

What's new in Firmware Version 1.7.6:

  • Add support for 802.1x network security
  • Improve DNS Caching
  • Improve compatibility with older firmware versions
  • Corrected ‘rport’ header issue from v1.7.5 firmware
  • Minor bug fixes

What's new in Firmware Version 1.5.6:

  • Correct reboot loop when using provisioning with old parameters
  • Increase volume range (add new “negative” settings for softer audio)
  • Disable Partial Provisioning by default for enhanced security
  • Minor bug fixes

What's new in Firmware Version 1.5:

  • Expanded Polycom Group Paging support
  • Ability to cancel delayed-page call during recording stage
  • Support for partial provisioning (allows existing settings to be retained)
  • Enhanced DHCP Option 66 support (full URL supported, including protocol & path)
  • Support for DHCP Options 150, 160 & 42
  • Large tone file uploads allowed

What's new in Firmware Version 1.3.1:

  • Initial release

Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Please follow the instructions in one of the three sections below to complete the firmware upgrade on your Algo device.

The firmware version is displayed in the top-right corner of the web interface, and may be used to verify that the upgrade was successful.

Note: The latest version of the Algo Locator Tool is required in order to be compatible with this new firmware.

Method 1: Upgrade Using URL Link (Internet access required)

Recommended method if your device(s) can access the Internet

Open the web interface, go to System > Maintenance. Select the ‘From URL Method’. Copy and Paste the URL below and click Upgrade.

Firmware Upgrade (v1.7.6):


> Note: Upgrade will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Method 2: Upgrade Using Downloaded Files

Alternate method for devices that cannot access the Internet

First, download the files from the links below, and save to your local computer.

Next, open the web interface, and go to “System > Maintenance”. In the Upgrade section, select the .fw file in the “Firmware Image” field, and the .md5 file in the “MD5 Checksum” field. Click Upgrade.

Firmware Upgrade (v1.7.6):

Method 3: Upgrade Using Provisioning Server

Time-saving method when upgrading large numbers of units

To update firmware using the centralized provisioning method, follow these instructions.

Please follow this link to obtain the separate Firmware, Base & Sys files, as the “bundle” upgrade is not supported via provisioning.

Firmware Update Notice

If you wish to receive an email for future firmware updates, please let us know to add you to our list.

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