8300 Controller

Algo Centralized Endpoint Supervisor for Enterprise Deployments

The 8300 Controller is designed for centralized IP endpoint monitoring and supervision, particularly where a larger number of Algo endpoints are involved with enterprise deployments. Any Algo SIP device including speakers, paging adapters, strobe lights and doorphones / intercoms are supported by the 8300. Endpoint status is displayed in a convenient browser-based dashboard, with available options to configure notification alerts. Common application environments include education, healthcare, manufacturing, plant/utility, retail, etc.

Notifications for devices unreachable or offline can be configured to play an alert via multicast and/or audio output. Alternatively, a SIP call to a target extension can be configured to play a message as an alert. In either scenario email alerts can be simultaneously configured. Any number and combination of Algo IP speakers, paging adapters and strobe lights can be part of an RTP multicast for notification purposes, where multicast zones can direct alerts to specific locations as desired.

In addition to offline status, other device status conditions visible via the 8300 dashboard include: online, software failure, SNMP disabled, and warning if the Controller is trying to reach the device. Monitoring intervals are also configurable.

Email alerts can also be configured in the 8300 for disconnected devices and heartbeat monitoring, even if no devices are offline.

Device details such as IP address, MAC address, Algo part no. and username of the device are also displayed in the dashboard, providing a convenient high-level summary of all Algo endpoints deployed. Up to 350 endpoints are currently supported.

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