1128 Analog Strobe Light

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1128 Available Flash Patterns

Choose from 16 available patterns. The 1128 Strobe uses 8 high intensity LEDs each capable of producing 643 lumens or 198 Candela. In addition to being very  bright, the LEDs can be fired simultaneously or individually for interesting effects. Light output is equally bright over 360 x 180 degrees and also illuminates the mounting surface for even greater conspicuity.

Patterns 0 & 1 do not fire the center LEDs and are intended for a ceiling mount application where light is required in every horizontal direction but not straight down.

Pattern 11 does not fire the top and bottom LEDs and is intended for a wall mount application in a hallway with maximum conspicuity to the left, right, and center.

1128 Flash Patterns

8128 SIP Strobe Light


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