1127 Visual Alerter

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Relay Activated LED Visual Alerter for Telephone & Notification Alerting

The Algo 1127 Visual Alerter is an attractive high-performing LED light that provides visual indication of telephone ringing and notification events where a relay or audio detection is available. Note: The 1127 does NOT connect directly to a telephone.

The 1127 is available in red, blue and green, and features four selectable flash patterns. The light is perfect for office environments where it may sit on the desktop, mount vertically or horizontally, or be located remotely. Constructed with 18 high-intensity LEDs, the 1127 provides a softly diffused light that is highly visible in all directions.

Direct activation is by relay input or audio detection. The light is compatible with the 1825PM Duet Plus, all variety of Algo IP speakers including the 8180, 8186 and 8188, and 8301 adapter. A 24V power supply is included with the product.

Typical Applications


  • Visual ring alerting in noisy or noise-sensitive environments (e.g., hospital, theatre, church, studio, court room)
  • Call center queue (e.g., monitor a call threshold via ringing a designated extension)
  • Security, safety or process control events


  • Highly visible yet softly diffused light
  • Four selectable flash patterns
  • 18 high-intensity LEDs available in three different colors: red, blue and green
  • Easy installation and mounting on a wall or ceiling
  • Compatible Algo devices providing a relay include: 1825PM, 8180, 8186 and 8188 speakers, and 8301 adapter

1127 Visual Alerter


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