8061 IP Relay Controller

IP Door Opening Control and SIP Interface Module

The 8061 IP Relay Controller is a SIP endpoint device which supports two functionalities:

  • Door opening control for Algo 8036/8039/8201 intercoms.
  • SIP interface module for the Algo 1202 Call Button.

Door Opening Control

The 8061 IP Relay Controller provides door opening control exclusively for the Algo 8036, 8039 and 8201 intercoms. The 8061 cannot be deployed as a stand alone device for door control. The 8061 serves as a bridge between the Algo intercom and peripheral hardware such as door strikes and alarm systems.

Door control functions and configurations are managed via a web interface and include:

  • Access control by either entering a keypad code (e.g. 8036/8039), or by dialing a code on the answering telephone.
  • The 8061 can be located in a secure environment to prevent access or tampering by outside visitors.*

* A door control relay located within a public-facing intercom itself has the potential to be compromised and thus presents a significant security issue. To address that concern, the 8061 may be located in a secure location to operate either a magnetic lock or typical door strike.

Typical Door Control Setup

SIP Interface

Up to four 1202 Call Buttons are supported on a single 8061 controller. For an individual button press, the 8061 can play a WAV file as a SIP call or via its audio output jack. A unique WAV file can be associated with each 1202 and stored in the 8061 device memory. Only a single button press can be handled by the 8061 at a time.

1202 SIP Call Button

8061 IP Relay Controller


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