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Firmware Upgrade For Version 1.8 or Older

** Please Note: Do NOT downgrade your firmware to this version, if you are already running a newer version **

Follow steps 1 to 3. (Version 1.8.2 firmware will first need to be installed to allocate additional memory for a successful upgrade).

Use the 8028 Web Interface Control Panel to reboot your device, go to System > Maintenance and select Reboot. Wait 30 to 60 seconds for the interface to reload. Download the files listed below to your PC, making sure to observe which ones are for the Kernel, and which ones are for the Firmware. Note: file names must remain unchanged.

  1. Firmware Upgrade (devices running version 1.8 or older): Open the 8028 web interface, go to Services > Upgrade. Upload the two Firmware Version 1.8.2 files and click Upgrade. If your 8028 has access to the internet, it will complete step 2 automatically.

    After the upgrade completes check the FW version using the web interface. If it shows version 2.2 then steps 1 and 2 are complete. Otherwise continue to step 2.

  2. Kernel Upgrade: Open the 8028 web interface, go to System > Maintenance. Upload the two Kernel R5 files, and click Upgrade.
  3. Firmware Upgrade: Open the 8028 web interface, go to the firmware upgrade section. Upload the two Firmware Version 2.7.4 files and click Upgrade.

Once complete, the web interface will display the firmware version number in the top right corner, verify that the device was upgraded successfully to the current version.

Firmware Version 1.8.2

Kernel R5

Firmware Version 2.7.4

8028 SIP Doorphone


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